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What is a penis pump? How effective is the penis pump to an individual? How can an individual use a penis pump well, and what are some techniques? This article explains how best an individual can use a penis pump.

An individual can purchase a penis pump fan to improve their prowess in bed. Read below as we explain how best to use a penis pump to get the desired results, i.e., boost your bedroom confidence. Also, if you are curious about penis pumps, this article will answer some of your questions regarding the benefits and risks of penis pumps.

In recent years, penis pumps have grown into a major household name due to the many benefits they bring to the table. This staple toy in sex toy shops is a game-changer, especially for people battling erectile dysfunction issues and unable to get or maintain a hard-on. The technology behind penis pumps is not rocket science because all they do is pump the penis so that it can maintain an erection. 

How To Use a Penis Pump?

Morales et al. (2018) stated that how you use a penis pump is dependent on its design. Electronically powered ones require less manual work, while manually powered ones require more manual input. Some of the basic steps to using a penis pump are;

Apply Lubrication

According to Saric et al. (2018), lube is essential during any sexual activity because it helps to reduce friction. When using penis pumps, lube helps seal the pump and your skin space. However, if you feel like lube is not your cup of tea, you can trim your pubic hair.

Insert You Erect Penis in The Cavity

Before inserting your penis inside the cavity, make sure it is fully erect. A little flaccidity is allowed. Also, ensure that it sits comfortably within the cavity from base to tip.

Secure The Penis Band

The penis band ensures a smooth flow of air inside the cavity. Therefore, it should have a secure fit at the base of the penis to prevent the air from seeping as you start the pumping process. Having your pubic hair trimmed to perfection can also help with the snuggly fit.

Pump Out the Air

Pumping out the air can be done manually or electronically, depending on the type of your penis pump. This process sucks out air from the cavity, making the user feel a slight pressure.

Monitor The Pressure

The pressure level in the cavity is put in check by a gauge. Your pressure levels should depend on your prescription or what you feel works. You can add or reduce pressure depending on your preference.

Avoid Over Pumping

Over-pumping your shaft will cause tension on your penis, thus restricting blood flow around the base. Some penis pumps cannot handle extra pumps, which may cause them to break, which leads to injuries and, in a worst-case scenario, death.

Use Your Penis Pump With A Penis Sleeve Or A Comfort Pad

Penis pumps have a hard interior because they are made from firm materials. Therefore, you should cushion the part of the pump that comes into contact with your skin. Failure to add a cushioning material like a penis sleeve may make the session uncomfortable and less enjoyable. A cushioning material also prevents the pump from bruising your shaft.

Post pumping Maintenance

You are advised to allow your penis to relax by offering gentle massages to encourage blood flow.

Penis Pumping Techniques


Shaking involves moving the airtight tube to stimulate the penis to remain erect during the pumping process. This pumping technique might last longer than needed when the penis loses its erection.


This technique involves the user adding a source of heat around the airtight cavity. Heat will dilate the blood vessels in the penis, thus allowing its erection to last longer. You can use heat pads, heating blankets, or warm packs. You must be careful with the heat unless you want to end up with a blistered penis.

Pulse Pumping

This pumping technique alters pressure levels in the pump in intervals. This technique is favorable because it stimulates the internal connective tissue in the penis to enhance growth. To get the most out of this method, you are advised to alter the pressure per minute.


Milking gently moves the cylinder up and down your shaft to stimulate growth. This pumping technique is similar to masturbation; the only difference is that milking boosts blood circulation, keeping the penis erect.

Benefits Of Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are a good investment if you are fed up with your inadequacy in bed because they effectively maintain erections in most users. Kang et al. (2018) explained that the duration of an erection varies between individuals, but the maximum is 30 minutes or thereabout. Most men prefer to use penis pumps right before foreplay or before intercourse, but then again, to each his own, use it whatever time you feel is favorable to you. Penis pumps are considered a safer and cheaper option for people who have erectile dysfunction and other penile disorders that affect erection, with most men reporting zero side effects even with long-term use. You can also use penis pumps after undergoing radiation therapy for prostate cancer or prostate surgery because these surgeries can often interfere with erection abilities. 

Side Effects Of Penis Pumps

How you choose to use your penis pump is entirely dependent on your doctor's prescription. However, if you have no prescription, you should use your penis pump based on the instructions that come with the pump. You can use a penis pump multiple times a day to once a week but make sure you do not overdo the pumping. Overuse of a penis pump may injure your penis and cause you to bleed under the skin's surface, which results in skin numbness.

The Bottom Line

In most cases, men who suffer from penile disorders like erectile dysfunction feel like the world is crumbling at their feet. However, the good news is that these disorders can be managed using invasive methods such as surgery and penile implants and non-invasive methods such as penis pumps. The use of penis pumps has grown tremendously, and most men are welcoming the idea of maintaining their erections without putting a strain on their bank accounts. Penis pumps are the bomb if you look to bring confidence into the bedroom.  


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