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According to Dr. Christian Jessen's article, anorgasmia is a real condition that makes it difficult to reach an orgasm. Recent research found that 63% of women can orgasm with a usual partner compared to 85% of men. Below are some tips to help improve your chances of orgasming for better sex.


Most people perceive masturbation to be for single people or those in long-distance relationships. However, masturbation is also important for married couples. Partners can choose to have solo play before partner play. Foreplay is good preparation for intimacy.

According to Dr. Jessen, masturbation is essential in making ourselves comfortable with our sexual responsiveness and genitals. Sensations that can’t be enjoyed alone are unlikely to be enjoyed with a partner. Findings from several research have shown that women who experienced difficulty in orgasming in the missionary position during sexual intercourse experienced a positive change after trying solo play. Use a mirror while exploring yourself to give your partner the right hints.

Consider the Right Foreplay

According to the American Sociological Review, the probability of achieving an orgasm during vaginal play increases by 20% if the female partner uses her hands to first stimulate herself and 10% if she gets oral sex before sexual intercourse. It’s better to find what works well for you as people are different.

Open Your Mouth

Lack of communication is the greatest mood killer in the bedroom. Talk directly and clearly to enable your partner know exactly what you expect them to do to turn you on. Don't assume they are mind readers who can automatically know the exact buttons to push.

One Night Stands are Unlikely to Produce Orgasms

Recent research found that women had only a 33% likelihood of climaxing with a man they had never had sexual intercourse with before. This figure increased to 52% if they were intimate with a person they had at least been together six times. 

Avoid Distractions

Some people experience spectators while making love. Some people fall out for a moment as they begin to have negative thoughts during sex, such as work deadlines. Put all your focus on the moment and try to live at least in a moment of fun. If you know you will be unable to focus because of many issues in your mind, choose to postpone lovemaking and do it when your mind is very clear.

Find the Right Position

Try different sexual positions to find out what’s best for you. Most women orgasm when they experience clitoral stimulation, though this contact is impossible in every position. 

Age Should Not Be a Barrier

According to research done by a scientist at the Indian University, women normally experience better orgasms as they age. From the findings, 60% of women between the ages of 18 and 24 reportedly had an orgasm when they had sexual intercourse. The same was reported by 64% of women aged between 30 and 40 and 71% of ages between 40 and 60. Older women are highly experienced, thus, they better understand their body reactions and pleasure points.

Exercise Your Pelvic Floor Muscles to Stay Healthy

Kegel exercises help strengthen the pelvic floor resulting in stronger vaginal muscles that produce more regular and intense orgasms. Several studies suggest using pleasure training systems like beads to heighten the stimulation of the pelvic floor.


By alternating your breathing process from deep but slow to shallow but fast, you will be able to boost your sexual arousal and even increase your chances of reaching an orgasm.

Lay Off The Booze

A drink may give you an adventurous moment but not better sex. The ethanol found in alcohol has been scientifically proven to reduce arousal and organ sensitivity and, at the same time, reduce lubrication in women hindering orgasms.

Few Other Tips for Better Orgasm

Apart from the ten common facts that enhance orgasms, a few other tips might also help reach a better orgasm. They include;

Appreciating Your body

If you don't like your body, then there is the likelihood that you will imagine how you look during sex instead of putting all your focus on the moment. Being obsessed with your body flaws can significantly distract your sexual response. In movies, men get aroused with beautiful bodies, but they are turned on by an interesting partner in real life. Therefore, clear your mind and focus on the moment.

Hang Your Head

To some women, hanging their head on the side of the bed to trigger the rush of blood in their brain increase their chances of orgasm and heightens their arousal. Sometimes women find some orgasm difficulties, which works as a better form of distraction to female orgasm.

Watch a Sexy Movie

Watching fantasies or romantic scenes can help increase the sexual urge of both you and your partner, thus increasing your sexual pleasure. For women, it’s always more about imagination. Some get easily aroused by reading romantic novels. On the other hand, men need more visual acts to get in the mood. Whichever the case, setting the mood with romantic movies, sexy videos, or erotic stories will heighten sexual pleasure for partners.

Play With Toys

Incorporating sex toys like vibrators can increase the fun in the play and help female partners reach orgasm very quickly. According to some studies, women find vibrators useful in helping them reach an orgasm. They also help reduce pressure from men as an orgasm is left to be women's responsibility. Women tend to lose sensations as they age because hormones begin to drop. Therefore, they find sex toys more useful.