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Sex involves much more than just the genitals. Excite your partner by interacting with other pleasure areas to make orgasms even more powerful. Herein are awesome male erogenous zones, including the neck, ears, knees, scalp, and chest midline.

Some erogenous zone in the body might not respond to one’s touch. The zones such as tickling, you may not be able to get the best stimulation compared to kissing some parts. Knowing where your guys’ erogenous zones are leads to intense stimulations. When getting intimate with your guy, try incorporating some erogenous zones. If you want to give your man a toe-curling that will keep him wanting you more, then here is a guide:

The Mind is the Most Erogenous Zone

According to Marrocco & McEwen (2022), the brain is a sex organ. Depending on what we say and think tends to trigger arousal. Surprisingly some women can orgasm just from their thoughts. When you set your mind in the sex mood, your body will follow. You get turned in a sexy moment or respond to a certain situation, such as playing sexy music or seeing your woman in lingerie.  You can also connect with your partner emotionally.

 His ears

Have you ever been kissed on the ears? If you have, you need to replicate the shocking sensations that flowed through your man's spine. Ears are very sensitive and can make a guy hard with the simplest stroke or kiss on the earlobes. Whisper sweet or dirty words in his ear as you breathe into him to make it more exciting. Trail your fingers on the ears as you stroke him lightly. The ears are sensitive erogenous zones that should never be neglected in sex. light kisses, bites, sucks, and licking can sexually arouse him and sex the mood for steamy encounters. 

The neck

This is not so obvious a sensitive area for women. Men can react similarly to women when caressed, kissed, or sucked on their necks. The neck is one of the secret male erogenous zones that can leave nay man shivering and breathing faster due to the exciting, sensual thrills. Arens & Zhang, (2006) noted that the back of the neck and sideways is more sensitive as the skin is full of nerve endings. During lovemaking, cares his neck from the top to downwards as you gently kiss the neck nape, ear lobes, and side. Light bites on the neck would no harm to your husband. Top up the session with a slow suck on the throat as you rub the sides. 


When it comes to the nipples, most couples focus on caressing, kissing, or licking the female nipples. Like the ladies' nipples, men have plenty of nerves around their nipples that can be the key to heightened sexual pleasures when well stimulated. Indulge in nipple play with your man as a way of foreplay or even during sex. To arouse him, quickly rub your hands across his nipples in a circular motion, bite them gently as you suck one nipple to the other. Repeat the movement as you get more creative in your sucking till you feel the nipples getting hard. Playing with the nipples will eventually give your man a hard-on and leave him begging for sex. 


Lips contain numerous sensitive nerves. The slightest contact with a man’s lips is connected to dense nerves supported by a thin skin layer. Start the moment with light kisses on his cheeks to steam up your moment. Get nasty as you suck both lower and upper lips in turns. Kissing is healthy and can be done in any sex play. Enhance your focus on these erogenous zones for more fun with your partner. 

The P-spot

Morales et al. (20180) stated that the prostate glands are hidden erogenous zones that quickly lead to orgasms in men when stimulated. The P-spot is an internal sensitive area located in the male anus around the penis base. Ensure you have your guy’s consent before trying to hit the p-spot to avoid unintended conflicts. Safety is essential when rubbing the prostate glands. You can stimulate the p-spot externally by applying pressure using your hands on the inner bump. 

The knees

The skin on the back of men’s knees is lighter and smoother, making it a suitable erogenous zone for sexual arousal. Kiss him lightly on this part as you caress his inner thighs. Use your fingers to gently rub the knee back in circular motions. 

The scalp

The scalp is also full of nerve endings. Hair tugging and head massages are ways to take advantage of them. If he is sensitive to his hair, caress him gently to his neck. 

The midline of the chest

This area is ticklish and can be a turn-on to most men. Using your fingers, you can scrape slightly along the ribs. Kill that awkward moment that finds its way to the bedroom by bringing laughter by giggling with your partner and reducing those giggles. Explore what giggles can do to you and your partner’s body. 

Dorsum of wrist

Yes, it’s so intimate to feel someone’s heartbeat. It has a lot of nerve endings that bring an intimate experience. Most couples use this at the peak of the sex to make orgasm more pleasurable. 

The perineum

Torres‐Sanchez et al. (2008) stated that the perineum is located between the anus and the scrotum. This tiny spot is very sensitive because of the pelvic floor and nerve endings. Explore this during oral sex but make you talk to your partner before trying it.

The feet

Foot fetishes are very erotic. A good massage, especially after a long day of work, feels relaxing. You may hit on one of his pressure points. The feet are said to be directly linked to genitals. Get good pleasure by sucking your partner’s toe. 

The lower black

Massaging his lower back is relaxing. This spot sets the right mood and endures a ton of strain. Tease his butt cheeks and get to explore a new erogenous zone.


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