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5 Reasons for Men to Ensure Their Lovers Climax

5 Reasons for Men to Ensure Their Lovers Climax

5 Reasons for Men to Ensure Their Lovers Climax

By Ekaterina Mironova

do men want a women who is up for anythingAs if they need a reason! Well, you might be surprised to learn that most men don’t. They want sex to be a mutually enjoyable experience and they certainly want to impress their lovers with their sexual prowess – which isn’t going to happen if they ejaculate in under a minute and leave you high and dry. However, just in case your partner needs any other reasons or, if you’re a man who is eager to learn what benefits can be reaped by pleasing your lover, here are 5 of them:

5. Men Who Ensure Their Lovers Climax Are Highly Prized Property

It’s true. If a man knows how to sexually please a woman, she appreciates how lucky she is. Now, this is not to say that men require any particular ‘technique’ or that they need copious experience in order to be this highly prized property. In fact, guys, all you really have to do is pay attention to your lover. Such a simple skill, and yet very few men possess it. Therefore, when a woman finds a man who is focused on her during sex, sensitive to her needs and attentive to her subtle (and not so subtle) signals, she knows she’s struck gold!

4. A Woman Who is Sexually Fulfilled is a Happy Woman

Nobody wants to be in a relationship with a grumpy old nag. And, in my experience, women don’t hold the patent on grumpy nagging. However, a woman who is sexually satisfied is, typically, a much happier woman in every aspect of her life. So, guys, if you prefer your lover in a good mood, make sure you’re putting in her in one!

3. Women Who Are Sexually Satisfied Will Want to Return the Favor

Unlike male orgasm, which seems to have the effect of a heavy sedative, female orgasm actually invigorates women. Yes, it makes us very relaxed and, depending on how tired she was in the first place, it can make her a little drowsy. However, on the whole, a woman who has experienced orgasm or, hopefully, orgasms will be energized and she’ll want to use that energy to say “thanks” in her own unique way.

2. She’ll be More Receptive to Experiment

For men who want to experiment with various sexual experiences, bear in mind that the more satisfied she is with your current sex life, the more receptive she’ll be to your suggestions. Largely this is because women trust a man who listens and cares enough to ensure she’s sexually fulfilled. When it comes to experimenting with new things, for women at least, trust is all important.

1. It Will Result in More Sex!

Let’s be honest, all other reasons are redundant now, aren’t they? Yes, if men ensure their lovers climax, they are guaranteed more sex and lots of it, too – because the more orgasms a woman has the more she wants; the better sex is the more insatiable she becomes. So, what are you waiting for, guys, get on the case!