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5 Reasons You Should Try Nuru Massage

5 Reasons You Should Try Nuru Massage

5 Reasons You Should Try Nuru Massage

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Nuru massage is a non-penetrative but highly sensual session designed to provide the ultimate satisfaction just by exploration. A session that requires both parties to embrace their nakedness, this massage ensures that you get to connect on a whole deeper level. This session differs from the normal massage sessions as it incorporates traditional Japanese massage oil designed for the ultimate slippery experience. If you have the intention of engaging in this beautifully sensual experience, here are a few benefits that you are guaranteed to achieve.

Enhanced Emotional Connection

No one can deny how powerful romantic sessions are when it comes to enhancing the emotional attraction of two partners. With Nuru massage, you get to explore your partner in a setting that is bound to have both of you developing love hearts in your eyes. From the preparation steps to the actual massage session, the Nuru massage is a game rigged to infuse the ultimate romantic mood into any relationship.

The session ensures that you get to explore each other on a much deeper level, getting to know each other without the penetrative act. With the addition of scented candles and dim lighting, the environment becomes extremely sensual, leaving both of you in a state of pure bliss.

Intense Sensations

The feel of your partner’s body gliding over yours is enough to have your body screaming out in pure pleasure. The increased slippery feel enables the bodies to seamlessly slide over each other, creating a sensual feel that is bound to arouse both parties.

In addition, you get to explore your partner’s naked body with your hands. This gives you access to their most intimate parts, giving you the chance to knead the muscles into relaxation. As they relax into the sensation, the body starts reacting to the sensual touches, leading to an ever increasing state of arousal.

Superior Satisfaction

The sexual aspect of the Nuru massage is a subsequent effect of the extreme satisfaction derived from the session. As with other forms of massage, this process helps to fully relax the muscles, easing your body into a state of total and complete bliss. As you get comfortable, your mind drifts into space, totally helping you forget the harsh realities of life.

The massage serves up a dose of natural antidepressants, giving you the much needed rejuvenation. Once your mind is cleared, your body becomes open to any other sensual activity your partner has in mind. This will be indulged in fully and will result in some superior satisfaction for both of you.

Slip and Slide

The Nuru gel is unlike any other massage oil. It has a superior slippery quality that has tremendous consistency. This makes the oil great for massage purposes as well as slippery play. Poured on both naked bodies, the oil will give you a session like no other, having you slipping with intensely sensual ease.

Enjoy a slip and slide play that is bound to have you and your partner highly aroused as your skins slide against each other. This is also great for exploration as your hands move with great ease over their silky smooth and slippery skin. With minimal absorption by surrounding sheets, the game stays going for quite a while without the need for reapplication.

Health Benefits

The massage oil contains natural ingredients like chamomile and aloe vera. The gel helps improve the skin elasticity and some of the ingredients help in dispersing fatty deposits. The massage oil is great at preventing cellulite, something that a lot of people struggle with.

In addition to these, the massage is a good way to relieve stress and ease any muscle aches, giving your body and mind the boost it needs. As your muscles are kneaded, this stimulates the blood vessels on the skin surface, improving blood circulation. The Nuru massage is a fun way of boosting the immune and digestive system. Your naughty sessions are fun, and with the added health benefits they become an essential part of your life.

Take the time to indulge your partner in this seductive and find out just how powerful they can be in getting your mind and body on a whole new sensational journey.