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Normal sex at times can be boring. It is always great to spice things up in the bedroom and try out new things. Well, sexathon is something that you can always try out. Some of the things that you will need for an amazing sexathon include; take-out menus, a lot of condoms, water and electrolyte drinks.

Most are the times when you want to have a getaway with your partner and have a lot of fun. In this case, you will need to think of the things that you will need when planning for such a situation. You are of course going to have a lot of fun and that will include you having sex and it may be non-stop. Most of the time, one dreams of locking themselves in a room with their partner and spending the whole day making love with their partner without doing anything just cuddling and making out. At times you may even decide to rent a secluded cabin and have some time with your partner. Some of the things you need to have include;

Water and Electrolyte Drinks

Mild hydration may seem like an ordinary thing but it may end up fucking up your plans. You should therefore make sure that you have plenty of drinks to cater for you and your partner. When engaging in sexual activities you are likely to go hard and even become sweaty. This will mean that a lot of energy and water is lost in the body. You might end up needing a lot energy drinks and some water to gain back the energy and the water lost in the body so that you can continue making out with your partner. If not, the whole sex may be whack and you may not have the bragging rights as you cannot perform well without the energy that is needed in the bedroom make out.

Take-Out Menus

When making out, there are moments when you will feel hungry and you will need to eat to gain back the energy that you used. In such a case, one of you will have to get up and make some food. It may work for you but the best thing would be to have some take-out food. Get some food delivered to you as it is faster than making your food. Get to have some pillow talk with your partner while waiting for the food. You can even cuddle as this is the time that your partner needs you the most. The great thing about the take-out food is that you do not have to cook or wash dishes, you just have to eat and get on with making out with your partner. This sounds more fun than cooking. You can have the whole day doing nothing but making out with your partner with some breaks from some take-out menus.

Snacks and Protein Bars

There are times when you may be making out with your partner, then feel a little bit woozy. This is because the sugar levels had dipped. Especially if you were making out for a longer time. This means that you have not hard enough carbs and it may make you call off the whole session. Well, you should not let macro nutrients get in the way between you and your partner while you are making out. If you are planning to have the whole day fucking, make sure that you have things that are easy to take and will make your body fueled. Do not forget any of the macro nutrients. Carbs will give you the energy that you need to continue and go hard as much as you want. Fats are used as fuels and will make your body fuck for a longer time especially when the carbs have run out. Proteins play a vital role as well. Kumar et al. (2011) explains that proteins prevent your muscles from getting sore and help you feel fuller for a long period.

The Overnight Items

At times, the sexathon may not have been planned to last the entire day. However, there are instances where one may be having fun making out and you will not notice that time has gone by very fast. An hour of making out may turn out into two and you may end up staying the night. You are never sure how long it will last. The best thing will be to carry some personal items such as the toothbrush and some innerwear to change when you are done and you need to freshen up. You do not want to end up canceling a great session with your partner just because you do not have the personal items. It may seem like an excuse even though it is a genuine reason.

Lots of Lube

You may not be a fan of lube or have never used it but it works wonders when you try it out. Lube is very important especially when you are planning to make out with your partner the whole night. There is the possibility of getting sensitive more than usual and you may need lube to get you through that. According to Wilson et al. (2017), lubricants are used during procreative intercourse to moderate the amount of wetness in the genitals. The best lube will depend on the sex toys that you are using. If the sex toys are made up of silicone, the best lube at this point will be the water-based lube. If you are planning for anal sex, the best lube will be silicone-based lube. It lasts longer and is slick. This will make the butt feel great. The lubes help with penetration. Moreover, Crosby et al. (2004) suggests that water-based lubes are the best for condoms.


It is always great to have safe sex and this means that you need to have some protection. You should therefore carry a lot of condoms with you so that you do not run out of them and mess up with your marathon sex. It will be great if you ran out of gas and decided to call the whole thing off but not call it quits because you have run out of condoms. It will be great if you packed more than you even think you will need. After all, it is marathon sex that you are going to have and you will need a lot of them.

Best Sex Toys and Accessories

 If you are planning for marathon sex, you are probably going to need to keep things interesting and fun in the bedroom. The more excitement you bring the better your chances of having fun with your partner. According to Violence (2008), you can use dildos to try and pleasure yourselves, if you are into double penetration. Sex toys are always great especially if you have the kinky side in you and you would like to explore different things with your partner.


There are times when you want to just have regular sex. Normal can be boring and you may want to spice things up and plan for marathon sex with your partner. You want to make it an event that they may never forget and the both of you will want to do it again anytime you think about it. If you want to plan to have an amazing sexathon, the best thing to do in this case would be to make sure that you have carried all the essentials listed in this article so that it does not fuck up with your plans. You are likely to have an experience of a lifetime if you have all the essentials listed.


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