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Earlier, it was only normal for a man to get attracted to a woman. But it's different today where you can get attracted to anybody. Herein is about pansexuality including; defining pansexuality, what pansexuals want people to understand, and bisexual and pansexual can exist.

While there are different definitions bout sexuality and gender, people mostly stick to the many understandings and notions about sexuality. Forget about the days when attraction and water polarities between men and women with mutual links. The main struggle is the thirst for acceptance and acknowledgment of the new sexual identities and how to cut the attached stigma. This discussion talks about pansexuality. You can learn more about everything you need to know.

Defining Pansexuality

Some people think pansexuality is a sexual attraction to a kitchen tool, which is wrong. It's a term recently gaining popularity and more acceptance. According to Morandini et al. (2017), pansexuality is where one gets attracted to other individuals, regardless of their sexual identity or gender. Originally, it was a psychological description with an inverse meaning to its current sense. The term was traced around 1917, and their sexual impulses infused people's concept. The same applied to their thoughts and decisions. The idea referred to Freud.

Its modern meaning gives a sense of convergent evolution. It doesn't suggest that the word's meaning changed, but it was fully reformulated from the previous. The same word was established twice to handle varied psychosocial thoughts. It's hard to get its earliest modern use, but it was encountered in 2006, meaning it may have been born on the digital internet in the 90s. It's when the good and sensible meaning may have started. Interest and popularity have propagated through social media and have risen tremendously since 2015. By October 2016, it had a bigger boost when an individual identified himself as pan, Miley Cyrus. It may be or was rebranded from bisexuality.

Differentiating Between Pansexuality And Bisexuality

A pansexual gets attracted without regard to gender, whereas a bisexual is attracted to either gender. Given that pansexuality disregards sexuality or gender as a composition of sexual attraction, it's more inclusive, liquid, and less binary than bisexuality. The latter assumes both genders, male and female. Gender fluidity bisexuality may be feeling heteronormative, but it does to some extent. Sometimes, it feels awkward and old-fashioned to write men and women since gender is becoming viewed as transcending binary conventions.

The above discussion doesn't demean bisexuality's value. However, pansexuality isn't clearly defined as bisexuality. It reflects any conceptual gender alignment and sides with formless sexuality, gender dynamics, and identity. It suggests that the similarity between these terms is shallow. They can be described as two extremely different psychosocial notions that differ and defy comparison. When you compare them, it will look like asking someone whether they're Buddhist or gay.

What Pansexuals Want People To Understand

Their sexuality Doesn't Imply Getting Attracted To Anybody Every Time

Whenever you ask most pansexuals if they get attracted to everyone always, they'll ask you- the straight type, if you get attracted to either every man or woman, depending on your gender. They claim that gender identity alone isn't the determinant of those they find appealing. They also have kinks, preferences, and types.

Pansexuals Are Monogamous Too

There's a misconception that pansexuals cannot be monogamous or faithful in their affairs. This is false because they can be monogamous, like gays, queer couples, or straight lovers, as Hayfield & Křížová (2021) noted.

Bisexuals And Pansexuals Can Coexists

Most people say that bis and pans are opposed to one another. That's not right. Concerning that, it's thought that bisexuals and pansexuals are almost similar. People asked one Pansexual, and she said that she individually resonates more with pan since the gender factor is extremely subtle on the list of considerations. She further said her interest in a person depends on the individual, their belief, identity, hobbies, system, gender, and interests.

There Should Be No Assumption That They Love Orgy Or Threesomes

Their main interest is their partner and themselves. They say that knowing their sexual orientation doesn't mean they'll instantly accept your proposition to join them for a bang. Experts also confirm that most pans and bis don't like threesomes and orgies.

No One Is Too Old To Identify Publicly As A Pan

According to Nieder et al. (2020), Some people came across a pan who said she came out as a pan at 39 years of age. She knew about her being pan for three years as she could trace several hints with exact evidence during that time, but her identity couldn't take form until six months later when she made it public. That implies that no pan is too old to reveal their identity. Perhaps you interact with younger individuals with a strong standing of who they are and think you should have been that brave, but that's not the end of your narrative. You may come out with the truth if you want to be known because there's no late timing.

A Pansexual Respects Gender Identities

Pansexuals have a saying that goes,' hearts not parts.' Pansexuality may be an attraction that doesn't care about gender or all genders, but there's no implication that they don't care about their partner's sex. According to Borgogna et al. (2019), Pansexual is vital in identifying people, whether transgender or cisgender, agender or non-binary. It's something pansexuals respect and not dismiss or overlook.

The Bottom Line

Pansexuality is the emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction to individuals without bothering their gender. Like straight people, pansexuals get attracted to some individuals. However, the person's gender isn't an issue. Men and women can identify as pansexuals. Some individuals interchangeably use the terms bisexual and pansexual. Pansexuals have distinctions. For instance, they get attracted disregarding gender, whereas bisexuals are attracted to the same gender. Another name for pansexual is omnisexual, which is for those who think their attraction lacks anything to do with gender. 'Pan' and 'Omni' are terms meaning 'all,' and the difference between these words is hazy. The two are used interchangeably by some individuals.


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