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A Short Story Of Women’s Erotica - Sarah Interviews Candidates

A Short Story Of Women's Erotica - Sarah Interviews Candidates

A Short Story Of Women's Erotica - Sarah Interviews Candidates

By Ekaterina Mironova

Sarah was a very modern woman. She had no need for a man to take care of her and she wasn't interested in taking care of anyone else but she had a very healthy need for sex in her life.

Her early relationships had always been quite traditional but now in her early 40s she was no longer interested in that kind of relationship. She travelled constantly for work and what she really needed was a lover who was prepared to be available when it worked for her. Most guys were so needy and she just didn't have the time or the desire to be around them all of the time.

Online dating seemed like a convenient way to broker an arrangement so she set herself up with a very frank profile and waited to see who responded. Two days later she was amazed to find 48 guys had contacted her. Clearing her weekend diary she decided to conduct this like a business engagement. Booking a suite at the Sofitel, Sarah set up 20 interviews starting Friday evening and running through the weekend.

Arriving at the suite on Friday afternoon she peeled off her suit and stood naked in front of the full length mirror. Her body was strong and lean. Her long, black hair fell straight and shining over her shoulders. The straight ends touched on her dark, pink nipples as they stood erect in the slightly cool room. Her long, brown limbs were toned and hairless and her fingernails were neat and French polished. Her bush was black and thick but trimmed and neat and her lean legs finished with neatly painted black toenails.

She ran her hands over her breasts, down across her flat stomach and gently teased her clit as she moved toward the shower. The warm water passing over her shoulders and down to her taught backside turned her on. Gently smearing moisturiser over her now dry body she realised how long it had been since she had a good fuck and a smile teased her lips as she thought about the 20 candidates she was about to interview.

She dressed in a black satin wrap dress that clinged in all the right places and stepped into black, strappy heels before applying just the minimum of makeup and a touch of her favourite perfume.

Settling onto the large couch in the living area of the suite she sipped on tea while she waited for her first candidate to arrive.

Candidate 1
She heard the tap on the door and asked him to enter. The door opened and in came James, a well dressed business man in his late 40s. Sarah smiled in a business like manner and asked him to take the seat opposite her and offered him tea.

James was a merchant banker who had been divorced for 6 months. Sarah was instantly interested in this intelligent business man and found his large, tanned hands and well spoken, commanding voice very attractive. As James talked about his life since his divorce, Sarah rose from the couch and moved toward him. As she passed behind she ran her hand across his shoulders and then moved in front of him, standing with one leg either side of his as he looked up from his seated position. Taking charge of the situation she ran her hands through his dark curls and then slowly lowered herself onto his lap. As she did so the black satin wrap dress moved open slightly and James was surprised to see her neat bush seated directly onto his pinstripe trousers. Running her hands down his neck and along his chest she heard his intake of breath and saw his eyes flutter slightly as he quickly began to rise to the occasion. With one neat pull the tie of her dress was undone and the dress fell open to reveal her tanned torso and shapely breasts. James hands rose to her breasts and she registered the moment of hesitation as he looked into her eyes for permission.

"Hmm, yes", she sighed as his hands moved to her breasts and she shrugged the dress from her shoulders. She could see his delight at this naked woman perched with her cunt on his well tailored suit. Taking charge of the situation she unzipped his fly and ran her hand under his Hermes underwear. His large dick exposed, Sarah worked him neatly and quickly before mounting him. With James deep inside her she felt her cunt come alive and the look on his face let her know this wouldn't last for long. As she worked him quickly to climax she felt him come deep inside of her and the interview was over.

Rising up and off of James she took his hand and half shaking hands, half lifting him to his feet Sarah concluded the interview and draped the black satin dress back around her as she escorted James to the door.

"I may be in touch", she advised as the shocked merchant banker was ushered into the corridor.

The first interview had taken less than an hour. That wasn't quite how Sarah had imagined it would go but James was a good candidate and she would give him further consideration once she had met the others.

Candidate 2
Sarah quickly showered and decided it was time for a gin and tonic. When the knock came she invited Sean to enter and the conversation started.

He was an Irish graphic designer who had only recently arrived in Australia and had just started work with a well known magazine. Sarah loved his accent and found everything that he said amusing. Sarah had never dated a creative type before and she took in his black jeans and t shirt and interesting watch and shoes. His hair was quite long and fell in soft curls and his thick lips were very seductive.

"Can I get you a drink?" she asked and moved toward the bar to pour the beer he had asked for. As she bent down to the fridge she sensed him approaching and paused. She felt his hands run over her taught arse through the silky fabric and she rose slowly. With Sean's hands still on her hips she placed one foot either side of his and bending forward toward the bar with her back still to him she pushed her backside up in the air - offering herself up. She felt him step forward slightly and his hands moving the soft silky dress up to her waist and exposing her bare buttocks.

Now on his knees, she felt him move her arse cheeks apart and then Sean's rough, slightly unshaven chin nuzzled into her cunt and his soft warm tongue started working her clit. She arched her back and moaned slightly and she felt his hand run up her leg and begin to work her cunt. He rose to his feet and she heard him unzip. Teetering on her heels and with her elbows on the bar she felt the head of his cock rubbing her and then its long, smooth entry into her as he started to work to her rhythm. She knew that she wouldn't take long from here. James had started the process and Sean was going to finish it. She heard his breath and knew he wasn't far off and then he came deep inside of her and she realised she wasn't finished. As Sean pulled his cock out of her she straightened her dress, and they shook hands. She escorted him to the door and promised to be in touch soon.

Two down and not even 7pm she thought to herself as she showered and reapplied makeup for the next candidate.

Candidate 3
Bryan was the last candidate Sarah had shortlisted. At 52 he was much older than the others and far older than anyone she had ever been interested in before. There was just something about him that struck her as having potential so she included him at the last minute.

When he entered the room Sarah instantly felt attracted to him. There was something compelling about him and he had certainly looked after himself. He was an entrepreneur and his expensive sports jacket, bespoke shirt, well fitted jeans and Italian leather shoes were all working to create a very interesting candidate.

Sarah sensed she was a little out of her depth with this worldly man and he instantly took the lead in the conversation. As she placed his scotch and ice on the coffee table in front of him he rose to his feet and started to investigate the room. He took in the view, opened the coffee table books and then stopped at the entry to the bedroom taking in the king sized bed and all the while telling Sarah about his life. Without so much as turning to look at Sarah he lifted his feet out of his Italian loafers and leaving them at the door to the bedroom, strode barefoot into the room. Picking up Sarah's bracelet from the bedside table he turned and said,

"So you like George Jenson jewellery."

Moving to his side she took the bracelet and without replying took the lapels of his jacket and peeled it off of his shoulders and arms. With one deep look into her eyes he kissed her and with one movement undid the tie of her dress and removed it from her body. With her shoes still on she stood in front of him naked and felt her cunt vibrate at the thought of him. With his eyes holding hers he undid his belt and dropped his trousers then peeled off his shirt. His body was sculpted and he stepped toward her and took her nipples in his mouth.

His dick was hard and erect and it brushed against her stomach as he ran his tongue over her. Laying her on the bed face down he spread her legs and his cock worked along her clit and arse before plunging deep into her. He worked her hard and for some time until she came before him. Still not finished he worked himself long and hard in front of her while she worked her cunt herself then he moved toward her again and moved back into her. He worked to his own rhythm and then she felt him come and saw his face relax.

She wasn't impressed with Bryan. It was all about him so she escorted him from the room with no promises of future encounters.

One more candidate for tonight she thought. Then room service and a movie.

Candidate 4
Jeff was a movie producer and she had the strange feeling that she had met him before. They hit it off immediately and he asked her if she would like to join him downstairs at the restaurant for dinner.

"You know , it has been a long day," she explained," and to be quite honest I am really tired." "Why don't we get some room service and we can get to know each other a little better?" she invited.

By the time the waiter had left the room and the food was on the white linen table cloth, Sarah could barely contain herself. Jeff was a great guy who travelled a lot for work and had a hectic schedule with family and friends. He was very comfortable in his life and was really looking for a companion who was in a similar situation.

As they sat at either side of the oval shaped table, Sarah couldn't take her eyes off him. He was tall with broad shoulders, brilliant green eyes and a smile that made her feel alive. As he spoke she watched his face move and his chest as it pressed against his shirt. Slipping her shoes off she lifted her toes to his crotch and watched his amusement as her toes started to work his package. Placing a forkfull of chicken into her mouth she lifted out of her chair and moved toward him. She drew his chair back slightly from the table and straddling him sat neatly on his lap. Taking the chocolate mousse she spooned one mouthful to him and then kissed him deeply, sharing the chocolate treat. She felt his hands run over her back and down to her arse. Lifting slightly off his lap he pulled her skirt up to her waste. Running his hands along her smooth thighs he parted her dress and took in her breasts. Pushing the dress back to drop off her shoulders he pushed the food aside off the table in one arm movement and lifted her to lie on her back on the table. Massaging her breasts with his palms he bent down and kissed her on the side of the neck and then raised her legs up straight so that each one sat on his shoulders. Quickly unzipping his fly he ran his cock along her arse and cunt working it up and down and running the pre cum along her.

"How do you want me?" he asked.

"Deep, fast, now," she breathed.

Obliging he entered her and banged her hard, his balls slapping against the table edge and the table banging and rocking.

Flipping her over he spread her arse and worked the pre cum along it.

"Is this too much?" he asked.

She wasn't sure. She had never done anal before.

"I don't know, let's try," she said.

He was big and she was not used to this but she had been working up to it all afternoon. She was strangely excited.

She felt the head of his cock, exploring, massaging, working her. She wanted it but she wasn't sure why. She took his cock in her hand and slowly guided him in.

"Holy Fuck," she screamed but kept her hand in place so he wouldn't pull out. Working in deeper, slowly, surely he waited to see how she would respond then he started working her arse. As he worked her she could feel that she needed her cunt worked too. Reaching forward she grabbed the champagne bottle. Work my cunt too she gasped. Easing her back slightly he took the bottle in one hand and keeping rhythm in her arse started to work her cunt. As he did so she started to feel herself working up to a point she never had before. He was excited and she was ready to come.

"Fuck me harder," she screamed and she felt him go into a frenzy. The two of them worked it until finally she came like she never had before and he let go, cum and champagne flowing everywhere.

She lay on the table for a moment but before she had time to recover fully he rolled her over and pushed her further onto the table. Taking the chocolate mousse he smeared her body paying special attention to her arse and the lips of her cunt as well as her breasts and stomach. Then he started to lick and play with her body and the chocolate, working the places he had treated so harshly very tenderly. She felt her entire body shiver and vibrate as he licked her toward climax and then she pulled him onto the table. Taking his cock in her hand she worked him up hard again and them slithered down the table to take him in her mouth. Working his cock in her mouth and his balls in her hand she moved her fingers toward his arse. Pushing him she moved him onto his back and spread his legs wide with bent knees. She continued to suck his dick and work his arsehole with her fingers, first one then two and finally 3. When she thought he was ready she flipped him over onto all fours and taking the champagne bottle that was still covered in her cum she inserted it into his arse.

"Fuck!" he screamed. She just kept going but taking the pepper grinder she mounted herself so that she was working her cunt on the grinder while he was being fucked with the bottle. Bored she discarded the props and rolling him onto his back straddled his cock and pumped him deep inside her.

When they had finished the room was a mess. Exhausted she dragged on her dress and showed him out. Sinking into bed she contemplated how she was going to get through the other 16 candidates. Picking up her phone she sent a text to her staff.

"Very busy weekend. Working from home Monday."