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Can Affairs Save Your Marriage?

Can Affairs Save Your Marriage?

Can Affairs Save Your Marriage?

By Elena Ognivtseva

You know the story: you get married. You settle down. You have a career, kids. You have a house or a flat with a garden, and possibly a family pet. And you get bored.

It's not always the same - you might not have kids. You might be a stay-at-home mum. You might be a career executive with an ambitious partner - but you feel the same. You might love your partner, but feel you feel neglected and starved of attention. You don't want to leave them, but you don't want to feel like a zombie either.

That's what happened to 46-year old mum of two Jenny Linnebank. For the last two years, this happily married mum from Ashford in Kent has been having numerous affairs with men she's met on the internet. And she couldn't be happier.

After a frustrated marriage and a sexless relationship, Linnebank raised the idea of extra marital affairs with her husband. They argued about the pros and cons, and eventually decided together that an affair was fine, but they didn't want to know about it. Jenny took it as permission, and although it took her some time to build up the courage, decided to seek out no-strings sex with other married men.

'"for me having extra-marital 'arrangements', as I prefer to call them, are the secret to making sure my marriage survives and thrives," Linnebank told the Mirror. 'I might sound cold and selfish, but to me it's no different from getting my hair and nails done. It's just about taking care of your needs."

Linnebank started her routine affairs after coming across the site undercoverlovers.com, a discreet dating agency for married individuals looking for no-strings attached sex. She met with Phillip and Colin from London, and now has 'a few ­interested parties on the go." She's been practicing safe extra-marital sex every month for the better part of two years, and she's pleased with the results. 'I can honestly say I'm happier," she stated, 'And my marriage, while not necessarily stronger, is also happier."

Many people might disagree with Linnebank's approach to 'saving" her marriage, but she points out that she specifically wanted to have no-strings affairs with married men who had no intention of leaving their wives. It's all about satisfying needs, not finding a new husband or starting a new family.

Could affairs save your marriage? It seems that for one couple, it was just the solution they were looking for.