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Interesting Ways to Improve Sex in Your Marriage

Interesting Ways to Improve Sex in Your Marriage

Interesting Ways to Improve Sex in Your Marriage

By Ekaterina Mironova

Even for the most committed and in love couples out there, there just comes a time when sex hits a roadblock and is rarely enjoyable. There is an array of reasons that can lead to this, mostly being the birth of a baby or a setback that leaves both parties feeling stressed.

However, the lack of intimacy can have some substantial effects on a relationship and so, it is imperative to assess the issue and look for solutions that will bring you back to your initial sex life. Start by ascertaining that the issue is not as a result of a physical problem such as vaginal pain or erectile dysfunction. If that is the case, then the affected partner should consult a doctor. Ideally, it is imperative to ensure that you are on the same page regarding the need to seek a solution for your sexual issues. If not, you may want to consult a sex therapy or schedule for a couples therapy to determine whether there is a relationship issue that needs to be addressed. This is usually done through therapy, medication and even stress reduction techniques.

However, if you are both functioning normally and would like to improve your sex life, there are a number of things you can do to spice things up. In this read, we are going to take a look at some ideas that have worked for other people. Of course, you are different and so, you have the freedom to pick those that seem appealing to you and leave those that do not seem to fit your lifestyle and sensibilities.

Tips to Spice up Sex in Your Marriage

Try Something New

If you have something that you or your partner have always wanted to try, then this is the perfect time to suggest it. Try positions that you've never attempted before or have sex somewhere else other than where you are used to. It could be the shower, kitchen, a hotel, the backseat of your car or even on that hammock in your yard.

If your line of thought is towards something kinky, then get some sex toys or try out a few safe forms of bondage like using handcuffs or blindfolds. If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable walking into a sex shop you can remain virtually anonymous when buying sex toys online.

Trying something new should not be limited to just sex experiences. Sometimes, taking up a new hobby with your partner can break the daily routine, create an opportunity for new experiences and eventually fuel a renewed interest in sex.

Use Your Words

This can mean two things. The first is talking dirty if you or your partner are inclined and find it arousing when the other says certain words during sex. The second is about revealing what feels good and what doesn't to your partner. Most women, for instance, do not like giving directions when it comes to making love.

At the same time, failing to express how and where you like to be touched will not only deprive you of pleasure, but it will not give your partner the thrill of knowing that they've made you feel exactly how you want to feel. If using words feels hard, you can try to direct your partner with your hands when on the act.

Turn on With Erotic Films

There is a wide array of erotic films to choose from when it comes to looking for something that can arouse you and your partner. Watching porn with your partner can help you both get into the mood. It can also be a great source of ideas to experiment with. So, if you are on the hunt for something new to surprise your partner with, then try watching it on your own. Reading erotica to each other can also be a way to spice up your sex life.

Put Sex on the Calendar

Being spontaneous when it comes to sex tends to be quite overrated. If you are always waiting for the perfect time for the mood to strike, then you are going to wait a lot, especially if you have been married for a long period. It is usually best to sit down and figure out when you have adequate time for making love and fit it in your calendar.

Do not just pick a date and time, but create more specific plans such as the location, or even a fantasy that you might want to try. Setting the stage creates anticipation, which when done right, turns into complete arousal when it is time to put action into it.

Take Advantage of Your Phone

We live in an age where you can communicate with your smartphone in seconds. Instead of turning to that sex toy, consider sexting and exchanging erotic photographs and even telling your partner what you would like to do to them when you're alone. This is again, an excellent way of creating anticipation and both of you will be looking forward to the session after a long day.