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Food is a multifaceted and wonderful item. It's all you need when hungry or engaged in other activities like sex. Alternatively, it might be a case of infatuation. When that comes to bedroom hijinks, the two go hand-in-hand. Food is the answer if you're looking for anything to spice things up in the bedroom. There are various ways to include it into a relationship, from subtle acts like feeding each other to the more explicit ones, such as having sex as long as you consider that not everyone enjoys spicing up their meals with a spoonful of whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or a piece of carrot. You and your mate must agree on a few fundamental guidelines before you can transform an ordinary meal into a memorable one. Using your hands while eating has a sexy aggressiveness, as does licking your fingers while eating. Not just in sex but also in eating, individuals distance themselves from the sensuality that is a part of their daily life. However, sex and food might be enticing. Using food as a sexual motif has a lot of sways. Food is a common ingredient in sex and foreplay. Individuals should avoid food allergies and aversions, but a few more considerations should be considered while working on your food cravings and addictions. Here are some tips to consider;

Keep Things Light And Nice

Fox (2003) explained that when it comes to sex, the appetizer is food foreplay, whether on the lips or the body. Individuals should avoid the spicy and savory (which might cause burns to the skin or eyes) and stick to the sweets. Fruits like cherries, strawberries, and mango slices are healthy desserts if you're trying to eat less sugar. Chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, or marshmallow crème are great ice cream toppings if you're in the mood for sweets. Instead of choosing between the two, why not go all out? You may either feed each other by gentle hand or by using each other as plates. It's important to remember that even a little amount may go a long way. Comfort (2003) explained that you and your mate might feel lethargic if you eat too much before having sex, and you may even get motion sickness. It's also a good idea to eat lunch first if your companion asks for more servings.

Make Use Of Every One Of Your Five Senses

If you're going to bring food into your bedroom, you may as well make it a sensory experience. Using foods that feel and smell wonderful to the touch on the skin is a fantastic idea. It is a genuine dinner, not a snack. Use items that can be heated, such as chocolate or honey, to keep things hot. Traveling the other way is also possible to enjoy frozen grapes, popsicles, or plain ice. Run these objects over your earlobes, neck, nipples, and lips to see what happens while they're hot or cold. Keep in mind that food is out of the picture when you use your hands to touch and massage your companion, particularly below the waistline, where foodstuff is prohibited.

It's Time For Some Tongue-Twisting

According to Seifi et al. (2014), sexy oral pleasure is all about using your mouth and tongue in various ways. The same rules apply to good food games. Sucking the cream from your partner's finger or nibbling the honey off his skin is better than just licking food off one’s body. To the extent that your spouse is alright with you going a little toothy, it's acceptable. Make simple lip touches your starting point, then go toward full-on mouth-to-skin contact.

Food Should Be Kept Away From Your Private Parts

You don't want to put food in your private areas because of the risk of illness and skin irritation. Sticky pubic hair is dangerous. If you're working with plain ice, you can go anywhere. In all other cases, the safest technique to arouse your spouse is to keep any food activity above the waistline only. The good news is that there are many arousing safe zones to choose from.

Have A Good Time

Foreplay relies heavily on the concept of "play." When you're having sex with your spouse, utilize food novelty. With a few snatches, play pranks on each other. Slowly lick the honey off of each other. Individuals can even share a lollipop. A creamy bikini with cherries on top, like "Varsity Blues," will make one want to try it. Make fun of each other, and don't be scared to do it. Even if it starts goofy, you may be shocked at how hot it can become.

Prepare Yourself

Napkins are a need for every picnic, but you wouldn't bring your 10,000-thread count linens along. Parvulescu (2006) explained that remember to bring some acceptable clothing and equipment for your nudist picnic. Lay out towels or bedding that you don't dread becoming soiled. For cleanup, have napkins or baby wipes on hand. You can keep your hands clean, and your food plays tidier by using items like a drizzled bottle of honey and chocolate. You should lick your fingers (or other body parts) clean before getting started. Also, don't forget to stock up on the standard erotic paraphernalia, such as condoms and lubricant.

Take Care Of Each Other After The Event

While your boyfriend was setting the table, you devoured him. Remember to clean up when you get dirty. Throw away everything that isn't needed, and don't leave behind a huge mess after you're done cleaning. Help your spouse clean the hard-to-reach areas in the shower.


It's a blend of enjoyment, exploration, and common sense to have fun with food. Be safe, make it enjoyable, and be honest with yourself and your partner. Open up more about your sexual desires in the bedroom, and you'll be surprised at the results.


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