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When last did you have a fun date night with your partner? Couples need regular date nights. The date helps you to focus on one another, strengthening your connection, energizing your bond, and helping you make wonderful memories together. Here are some dirty date night ideas, including; getting couples massage, planning for a staycation, and getting into the waters.

It is normal for a relationship to become slow-paced as you get familiar with someone. That does not necessarily mean you are no longer in love with your partner, but it indicates you got used to each other's company. The first stage of a relationship is the most exciting because you both put your best foot forward. Months and years progress, as your relationship settles into something more mundane, and you no longer get nervous around your partner, and you have no reason to try hard. The good news is that there are many ways to spark joy in your relationship, no matter how long you've been together. Keep your relationship exciting and fun with simple effort and awareness. The following are some dirty night ideas to help spice up your relationship.

Get Couples Massage

Getting pampered with your partner is a perfect way to create a bond in your relationship. Getting a couples massage is an incredible way to relax. It helps relax the mind and body and sets the tone for a laid-back, happy date. You don't necessarily need to be on vacation to take advantage of a good massage. You can check out the options local to you. Check out hotels and spas nearby that offer massages, and the option of a side-by-side couple. Some massage therapists can come to your home to provide massage services to you. Another good option for a date night is taking turns giving each other a massage and seeing where the night takes you.

Cocktails and slow dancing

One of the best date night ideas for couples is having dinner and dancing together. It can be on the beach or in a bar as long as your partner is comfortable. This is simple and convenient because partners get the chance to spend time together and talk about their favorite meals. Ensure you have everything you need before date night begins. According to Smalley & Smalley (2013), you can create a romantic playlist of both your favorite songs during the dinner date. Have your liquors and mixers on hand, and grab snacks you both love. Light candles, pour your drinks, turn on the music and hold each other close when you are set at the table.

Relive Your First Date

Reliving your first date is among the best date night ideas. Head to the same restaurant or joint you headed to when you first went out. Pretend that you are out on a first date to make things more interesting. Ask each other questions as if you've met for the first time, such as favorite color, shows, music, etc. People change over the years. You will be surprised at the things you will learn about your partner.

Behave Like Teenagers

According to Clark (2001), being youthful is what keeps the fire burning in relationships. Go out of your way to have a good time with your partner. Never get comfortable with the usual things couples do. Instead, spice it up and behave like teens on a date night. You can make out in the backseat, have sex in the car or give your partner a hand job in the cinema.


Bathrooms are sexy, but bathtubs are more sensual and beautiful. Draw a bath for your partner and slip in together. Light red candles around the bathtub and throw red roses on the foam to make it more romantic and beautiful as Dugan (2008) suggested. Spending your date night in a bathtub is a relaxing way to spend your evening. There's nothing more therapeutic than unwinding in a bathtub with your partner and maybe sipping some wine of your choice and listening to your favorite jams.

Have Tantric Sex

It would help if you gave yourselves a few hours of undisturbed time with no phone calls or distractions. Lock both of your phones in another room. You must be focused on each other and nothing else to create an explosive sexual connection. You can indulge in tantric sex for an hour or two. Once you've created a connection between each other, you'll realize that two hours of sex is too short. Set things in a manner that will please all your senses to have tantric sex. Use fragrances that will stimulate your senses. Light candles and play soft music. Dress in clothing that can come off easily, like a robe. According to Dubberley (2021), pick aphrodisiacs like chocolates or grapes to feed each other while having tantric sex.

Plan For A Staycation

You do not have to travel the world to have a romantic date. You can stay in your city for a weekend. The thing is, you'll stay at a local Airbnb for a change of scenery. Getting out of your house to stay somewhere new can be very refreshing. Being somewhere new can be refreshing, and an Airbnb can provide a fresh environment without the additional costs of traveling far and paying for luxurious hotels. You can do anything you desire with your partner after checking Airbnb in your city.

Get On The Water

Have your date here if you stay in a warmer area and aren't afraid to get in a swimsuit and get in the water. Choose between kayaking and surfing or any other water sport if you've never done a water-sport before. Learning a new skill alongside your partner is a great way to develop and grow your relationship.


While dinner and a movie are always a fun idea for date night, sometimes you need to mix things up. Dating should be fun. However, when you feel you and your significant other are getting bored, consider doing something you are not used to. Spice your routine with dirty date night ideas discussed in this article to help you get out of your comfort zone.


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