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Whether you are in a new relationship or have been with your lover for long, setting regular date nights is crucial to help you and your lover connect more. It also provides some sense of adventure that brings excitement to a relationship. 

For an adventurous and fun-filled date night, couples don't have to go out. Planing for an indoor date with movies, food, and kinky sex plays is also a great option. This article discusses the different kinky ways couples can spice up their date nights. 

Kink Ideas for Your Date Night

Find an Adult Movie

This is a great way to gratify your sexual urges and lusts. Watching an adult movie or reading adult content with your lover is the best way to start your date night. When so doing, avoid touching one another or self-pleasuring yourselves. This will help make both of you deeply aroused. 

Dress Each Other Up

Putting some effort into your looks is a powerful symbol that you are both ready for a special moment in the night. For instance, wearing a new dress or applying your best cologne gives you confidence. Your partner gets aroused and excited by simply gazing at your appearance. You can also seek an opinion from your partner on how they would like you to dress. Alternatively, you can allow your partner to pick your outfit to help realize their fantasies. They can pick a  pair of underwear you wore on your first date or a  short, thin dress that gives an immediate impact on getting brushed. Creativity is key when picking out an outfit for your partner.  

Seduction; Make It seem Like the First-ever.

Optimize the moment by pretending to be strangers at the club or restaurant. This offers a chance to enjoy make-believe. However, you might require additional skills in composure and acting to prevent seeing your partner as someone you’ve known long-term. 

Get Wet

Have you ever urinated on your partner? This kink is more typical than many people would think. It’s a strong intimate act. The receiver may find it degrading and humiliating, but the giver feels powerful. It may not be ideal for all, but if it intrigues you, give it a try. Also, get consent from your partner before peeing on them. This kinky act is beast practiced at the shower because it is safer and quicker to clean.

Dirty Talk

Go for the outdated, dirty talk as a major method to play with the dynamics power that's well recognized in kinky games. Dirty sexy talk can stimulate your partner. This kinky act can involve coaxing, taking orders, or seduction. However, it is important to consider what your partner prefers to avoid being offensive.


Spanking is the best way to get started in kink. It’s surprisingly an intimate bonding method because it’s tangible and allows skin-to-skin contact. It is also a simple form of BDSM and demonstrates power exchange. You can begin spanking with your hand or a fuzzy padded flogger to ease your way into it before advancing to harder means of spanking.

Simple Restraint

This is also another kinky way to enjoy your date night. Get a beginner kink kit containing fuzzy handcuffs and blindfolds if you are a first-timer. Some kits have additional items, such as a soft spanking flogger or a feather on a stick used in sensation play. You can also include scarfs, ties, and belts for simple restraining trials. Make it as simple as restraining your partner using a scarf or bandana to demonstrate power and submission.

Use a Blindfold

Use a scarf or a tie to deny yourself or your partner one of the most crucial senses- sight. This will make the other senses, smell, touch, sound, and taste, vulnerable. You can get extreme pleasure seeing your partner 'suffer.’ Blindfolding your partner leaves them mercifully begging to touch you for some help.

Develop a Sex Menu

If you have kinky ideas but are shy of asking or executing them, sex experts advise that couples create menus. For instance, you and your partner can write down all the interesting ideas and activities you might want to do on your next date. Once you are done, swap the papers and select two items on your partner’s list. This results in four items that require you to collaborate to achieve. You can also form a story for role-playing, maybe requiring spanking, blindfolding, or dressing up. Developing a sex menu together helps take your intimacy and relationship to the next level.

The Bottom Line

From the above blog, it is clear that spanking isn't the only kink play to indulge in. There are various kinky acts that can bring fun to your relationship.  Whether using blindfolds, role plays, threesome, or feathery props, these are all you may need for a night out with your lover. Date nights are essential in relationships. Studies show that couples who take time to go out once in a while are happier than those who don’t. However, the main issue isn't simply being together but frequently engaging in new experiences and activities. The best way to achieve this is to use the above tips for your most adventurous night dates.