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Dirty Things To Say To Turn Him On & Have Crazy Wild Sex

Dirty Things To Say To Turn Him On & Have Crazy Wild Sex

Dirty Things To Say To Turn Him On & Have Crazy Wild Sex

By Ksenia Sobchak

Hello ladies,

for beginning I want to say to you that foreplay is the one thing women can’t get enough of – OK, there are a few other things as well, but foreplay is an important one. As you know as a women, you are emotional creatures, and that’s why you like, enjoy and often need foreplay. You need to be pampered, coaxed and taken there, to burn the fire. I’ll write something about "Talk and tease", especially DIRTY TALK as the leader of this group.


My first advice – if you are shy, is to start out slow.

If you giggle and blush when you ask your partner to bite your nibble on your breasts or ears then it’s okay. You are the only two persons in the room, so it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks (cause nobody can see you).

dirty talkWhisper in his ear what you want until you feel like telling him out loud. Make your needs known (if you don’t, your partner cannot give you full satisfaction)!

If you only feel like talking dirty once or twice that’s fine.You’ll find that telling your partner what you like can really spice up things between the sheets. After all, he won’t know that you enjoy being called "his little sex bunny (or machine, kitten)” unless you tell him. You can also take his hands and show him where and how you would like to be touched.


The next time you make love, request that he do three or four things to you, but say them a little louder this time. Be bold and bossy if you have to!

After few times you’ll find talking dirty in bed easier, more fun and romantic. You might even learn that your partner enjoys being called by some name like "my James Bond", or something cuter, even if he’s a tough guy, and that he likes to pound on his chest before he sweeps you into his arms to make love with you!

Talking dirty to your man can happen in many ways and they include everything from a cell phone conversation to personal email. Nevertheless, one of the most effective places is in the bedroom together. Here are some things to remember when talking dirty to your partner in bed:

When you get into bed with him, make sure you are wearing sexy lingerie, and give him a tantalizing peek. As you slowly drive him over the edge with erotic words and baby talk (this one can be really useful, especially if you are in relationship, or you are married). You can slowly disrobe as the evening progresses.

Talk to him with your body as you begin to initiate it and keep the game up until you leave him to finish up the play that you started.

dirty whispering

The woman must be the dominant one in the bedroom when talking dirty to her man. Assert your authority over him by telling him that you are the one in control concerning his pleasure and pleasure him beyond his wildest dreams.

Dominate his mind with a choice of words that will be sure to have him begging you not to stop. A woman can blow her male’s mind by tantalizing his mind with very vivid imagery just by using specific words that have that power. Some of these moves, words or body lenguage could be for example – "she virtually made love to her breasts in front of him by cupping each of them possessively within the confines of her hands and placed her lips to each one to express her ardor openly and hungrily".

Tell him to not speak one word or say anything as he listens to the words you will whisper into his ear seductively. If he does interrupt or say anything while you are in charge. In other words, leave him on the edge of excitement, and then quickly retreat. He will get the idea and not interrupt your delivery of dirty words.

Talking dirty to your man in bed is easy if you just let yourself go and not be shy about it in the least bit. It is the thing that ensures good communication between you and him and also communicates what you both can enjoy together in the bedroom. Sexual satisfaction isn’t just about the sexual acts themselves.

It is also about having good communication between yourself and your boyfriend and dirty talking helps make this possible.


His package – a guy will NEVER get tired about hearing how big/nice his unit is. You could say this every day and he will love it… "Oh, YOU are so BIG".
His body – all guys likes to be complimented. Say something about his body, or choose one particular part of his "hot" body, and be creative with using that word… Don’t talk about every part of his body, cause he will become bored and he’ll start thinking that you are just saying those things just to make him feel better.

talk from behind

His skill – show to your partner that you are enjoying having sex with him. It’s really important sometimes to mansion that THE SEX was the best you have ever had. He will feel like he is the best lover in the world and he will think that your ex lovers are 0 in comparison with him. Trust me, he will love this.

There is no particular time or place to start over with dirty talk conversation. Although, the best and most effective place to dirty talk is bedroom.

Try not to be like other girls when you talk dirty. Sometimes dirty talk can make your partner feel bored if you use phrases that he has already heared from 15 more girls. TRY TO BE CREATIVE AND GIVE YOUR BEST!!! In the end, you will feel much better, at least you gave everything you got.

You can use some words like :

"The BEST"
"So good"
"So strong"
"The first time I’ve"
"Big boy"
"…never before"
"Can’t wait"
Using these hints, you’ll never have problems in your bed (again).

After reading I want to say thank you for your time and I hope to here some questions and to see you soon.

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