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Hot Foreplay Ideas - Tips for Better Foreplay Before Sex

Hot Foreplay Ideas - Tips for Better Foreplay Before Sex

Hot Foreplay Ideas - Tips for Better Foreplay Before Sex

By Elena Ognivtseva

Sometimes it may seem like you are running out of foreplay ideas when you have been in a relationship for a while and your sex life is beginning to get a little routine. Though it can seem frustrating, there’s actually no need to worry because there are a multitude of resources where you can find new and exciting foreplay ideas to help spice up your sex life and bust out of the normal routine.

The first and best resource for thinking of new foreplay ideas is to be honest and ask your partner if there’s anything new her or she would like to do. You may also know of fantasies that your partner often thinks about and these are great ways to find out new things that you can do to turn on your partner during the foreplay process. However, you may be taken by surprise and find out that your partner would love to challenge you to a fun game of strip poker or maybe play with some edible sex toys. These are foreplay ideas that never would have occurred to you had you not cared to find out what your partner wants from foreplay. If this fails, there are even books that help address issues with foreplay and how to use it effectively. Book like “100 Sex Games For Couples” by Oprah’s love expert Michael Webb can give you many great ideas that you can use to rekindle your love live.

If you’ve been around the block with your partner and both of you are fresh out of new foreplay ideas to keep your bedroom activity spicy, there are still other places to find some new inspiration. Doing internet searches can yield some very interesting and new foreplay ideas. You may try searching porn, but sex therapy resource websites might be even more helpful. In porn you may find visual examples of foreplay ideas, but sex therapy resources often deal with these sorts of issues frequently. They may have the best and most realistic ways to incorporate new foreplay ideas into your relationship to keep things fresh. An extension of this resource is to search forums created to help people dealing with sexual problems. Even if you’re “problem” is only as minor as running out of new foreplay ideas, the free exchange of foreplay ideas on these forums might be just what you need to get your sex life back on track.

The last tip is to use your imagination. Think through many potential new foreplay ideas and situations to see what appeals to you and starts to turn you on. Taking these thoughts and turning them into action with your partner may be one of the most rewarding uses of any new foreplay ideas you can come up with.

Foreplay Video

Some couples think they need a foreplay video to show them how it’s done and give them new ideas for how to get turned on. The truth of the matter is that watching a foreplay video with your partner can make your foreplay and sex “warm up” session much more exciting and unique. There are many other reasons to use for visual aids like a stimulating foreplay video as a tool to help boost your satisfaction with you sex life and sex drive.

If you are the kind of person who has a hard time getting in the mood for sex, taking the time for individual foreplay using an erotic foreplay video can put you right in the mood, making you and your partner happier. Say you’re a stay-at-home mom who has trouble getting focused on sex when there are so many other things to worry about. Having an asset like a foreplay video can help bring back the focus to pleasuring your body and relearning what feels right. It will also give you an excuse to take enough time to center your attention on your sexual drive so that you and your partner can have a healthier and more fun sex life.

A foreplay video can also be a great tool for teaching if you’re in a relationship with someone who has sex skills that are less than perfect. A foreplay video may consist of any combination of softcore and hardcore porn, instructional videos, and even romantic sex scenes from Hollywood blockbusters. By watching a foreplay video, you and your partner can uncover new ways to pleasure each other without reaching sexual intercourse. Better foreplay means better sex. Taking the time to focus on sensations outside of intercourse can intensify the sexual experience for any couple.

Another idea for a foreplay video is to make your own. You could record a video of yourself doing the things that you enjoy during foreplay with or without a partner. By watching this video together, you could find new ways to pleasure each other without feeling awkward about asking your partner to change his or her techniques. As with any recording you may make of yourself, be sure to keep it in a secure and trusted location!

As you can see, there are many helpful uses for foreplay videos that can spice up your sex life and make you more fulfilled with all of your sexual desires.

Foreplay Tips

Whether you’re an expert at foreplay or just beginning, it’s never too late to receive some of the latest foreplay tips on how to please your partner. While having fun with foreplay you may have discovered some unexpected parts of her body that drove her wild. These highly sensitive parts of the body, known as erogenous zones, are the gold standard when it comes to making your partner feel her best during foreplay. For more foreplay tips, keep reading.

One of the most important foreplay tips to take to heart is the advice that paying attention to some of your partner’s lesser known erogenous zones will definitely make for a memorable foreplay session. Remember that these areas are incredibly sensitive so you should take great care in being gentle and not repeating the same harsh movements over and over again. The first unexpected place to touch that will drive your lover wild is the soft fleshy area behind her knees. Full of nerve endings, a tongue or light touch to this area will kick start your partner’s sex drive. A woman’s wrists and the base of her neck are two other places that will surely give her goose bumps and butterflies if you pay the right attention to them.

Once you have devoted a great deal of time and attention to exploring the body parts of your partner with your hands and tongue, you can also try lightly touching her vaginal area. The foreplay tip and key to this type touching in the sex area is being very gentle until you are sure what she likes. If you aren’t sure what she likes, simply ask her. She will appreciate the opportunity to tell you how she likes to be touched and where. Neither of you want to waste time pleasuring the other in a way that isn’t actually pleasurable.

The last foreplay tip is to prolong foreplay until the anticipation for sex or actual intercourse becomes so strong that it’s nearly physically impossible to keep from going further. By allowing the excitement to build slowly until it can’t grow any more, you are setting the stage for the most passionate and rewarding sex you’ve ever had. However, always stay in tune to your partner and use her reactions to your advances to judge when she is just as excited and ready for sex as you are.

Foreplay Techniques

It is difficult to teach foreplay techniques because the best way to learn them is by doing. Once you’ve figured out the basics of foreplay, there are more advanced foreplay techniques that will help keep your sex life exciting and new, no matter what.

When you’re comfortable with your partner, it becomes easier to talk about incorporating new ideas and foreplay techniques into your sex life. One foreplay technique that is sure to heat up the bedroom is including food items or edible sex toys like body paint or edible underwear in foreplay with your partner. Basic ideas like drizzling chocolate over your lover’s body and licking it off sensually are quite messy but can be rewarding in the right situation. Another interesting twist on using food in the bedroom is placing an ice cube in your mouth before tracing your tongue over the sensitive parts of your partner’s body. The warm and cold sensations of your tongue tracing her nipples, inner thighs, and breasts are sure to be something new and exciting. When you bring food or edible products into the bedroom, be sure to have towels nearby for easy clean up. Nothing ruins the mood of these foreplay techniques more than having to interrupt the fun to go get clean up supplies. Another thing to keep in mind if you are interested in using food is to check to make sure that you partner has no food dye allergies. Otherwise your advanced foreplay technique could end up a big flop.

Another foreplay technique that is sure to be a winner, especially when things are starting to get hot and heavy, is to simulate a smooth sexual intercourse motion by grinding against your partner. The sensation of your entire body moving along the entire length of hers is one that will have you both panting and ready to go in no time. Combine this with passionate kissing and you have a foreplay technique that is a no fail method to get both of you frantic with desire.

Foreplay techniques vary from person to person so don’t be afraid to do what feels natural to you. It’s okay to get creative with foreplay as long as your partner is on board with whatever actions you choose to pursue. The most important thing to remember about your foreplay techniques is that the bottom line is to have fun.

Foreplay Positions

The great thing about foreplay is that there are limitless possibilities for foreplay positions. Unlike sexual positions, which are obviously limited by what is physically possible within a limited range of motion, foreplay positions can be nearly anything. Because foreplay itself is such a general term that includes so many different actions leading up to sexual intercourse, there really aren’t any positions that can’t be considered foreplay positions.

For most couples, the act of foreplay is thought to include all sexual stimulation directly before intercourse. However, you could even expand that definition to include all sexual communication and touching that leads up to intercourse. This means that even “talking dirty” to one another can be an act of foreplay and there is no specific foreplay position needed for that!

If you are thinking about what is stereotypically considered foreplay, there are several positions that tend to occur more often that not. Thinking of foreplay as the stage between kissing and full-blown sexual contact, it becomes pretty obvious that closeness is the most important factor in foreplay positions. Couples engaged in foreplay positions are often standing, laying, or sitting very close to each other in a manner that allows for close touching, caressing, or even grinding against each other before continuing to intercourse.

We have listed some basic ideas for foreplay positions to help you and your partner connect. The first foreplay position we’ll go over is the horizontal position where both members of the couple are laying on their sides or backs next to each other. This foreplay position allows for hugging, kissing, and intimate touching of you and your partner. It allows for closeness and a range of movement for both participants.

Another popular foreplay position occurs when one partner sits on the lap of the other partner. This stimulating foreplay position also allows for close contact, a key element for any rewarding foreplay position. Foreplay can even occur standing up! One idea for a standing foreplay position would be for the partners to stand upright facing each other. Having a wall, countertop, or even a piece of furniture for one partner to lean against can help make the moment feel even more urgent and stimulating.

When you start to incorporate more foreplay into your sexual routine, you will finally begin to see the huge possibilities for foreplay positions. Just as sexual intercourse doesn’t have to always happen under the sheets, foreplay can be enjoyable and enriching to your sex life regardless of the foreplay position you may find yourself in

Foreplay Games

There are all kinds of games that can be taken from ordinary life and used in the bedroom as a fun way to spice up sexual foreplay. Foreplay games are a fantastic way to put the spark back in your sex life and find ways to laugh and enjoy sex with your partner. Here are some of our favorites…

Playing cards make great foreplay games. Starting with the great classic of strip poker, this is one of the easiest and most versatile ideas if you’ve never had the experience of playing games during foreplay before. Even if you don’t know how to play poker, any card game can be adapted with “stripping” rules. Blackjack and go fish are two very easy games to adapt to foreplay games. You could also make up a game with your own rules if you want to go beyond stripping during your foreplay game.

Board games also adapt very easily to foreplay games. Even if you’ve always been bored by board games, you can find some new excitement by adding your own variations to the rules. For instance, if you roll the dice and roll a specific number you could be required to remove an article of clothing, kiss a part of your partner’s body, or let your partner do something for you. As you can see, it wouldn’t take much imagination to have a lot of fun with this option for a foreplay game.

Even simple word and memory games that don’t require anything more than a piece of paper and pencil (or even just your mind) can become exciting foreplay games. You might take turns listing things you and your partner would like to do to each other, but continually repeating everything that you’ve both said before. It will require a lot of memory to start repeating the list once it gets long enough. Whenever one person misses an item on the list, the penalty might be doing something that their partner wants them to do. As you can see, it’s not very hard to make up easy games that will make foreplay a lot more interesting and different over time. With your imagination and a little creativity, there is a lot more fun to be had in the bedroom! Just a word of caution: if you are in a new relationship, you might want to set limits so that both of you feel comfortable and can let loose while playing the foreplay games you create.

Couple Foreplay

Couple foreplay is a great way to improve your relationship and become more satisfied with the sexual aspect of your life. When you practice couple foreplay before actual sexual intercourse, it can enhance the feelings and experiences of both individuals. Women and men often report that couple foreplay is a fulfilling practice that helps strengthen the bond of the couple and makes sex more enjoyable. For women particularly, sex with couple foreplay often leads to a much greater sense of connection to her partner. In addition to this benefit, it is often easier for a woman to reach an orgasm with the help of couple foreplay. In fact, because some women cannot orgasm during physical intercourse, foreplay may be one of the only ways she is able to climax at all. For this reason on top of many others, couple foreplay is a great basis for any couple to have fun and extend the joy of sex.

Though men often don’t admit it, they also experience benefits from practicing couple foreplay. Though men may often complain that foreplay is boring compared to the “real thing,” you should keep in mind that there are many ways to spice up couple foreplay. Some couples enjoy dressing up, incorporating foods and massages, or even taking pictures to spice up what some people seem to think is unnecessary. By spending the time to focus on your bodies apart from physical intercourse, you will learn a great deal about your partner’s likes and dislikes. In fact, you may learn a lot about your own likes and dislikes with the help of couple foreplay. For example, by having an opportunity to reflect on how certain touches feel on certain parts of your body, you can become more familiar with what turns you on outside of sex alone. This kind of information is invaluable for getting the most enjoyment out of your sex life and learning how to prolong the pleasure of sex as a couple.

Even if you are under the impression that you don’t enjoy foreplay, it might still be helpful to experiment with couple foreplay in order to see if any of the popular benefits will rub off on you and your partner’s sexual relationship. Couple foreplay is an essential part of building a healthy and understanding domain for sexual pleasure.