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Do You Believe In Spiritual Sex?

Do You Believe In Spiritual Sex?

People should understand the difference between emotional and spirituality to have spiritual sex. Herein is about having spiritual sex, including; the relationship between spirituality and sex, how to have spiritual sex, and ensuring communication.

Some people view sex as a dirty activity. Sex is seen as an activity that distracts people from spirituality. Some people opt to be celibate or chaste throughout their lives for that reason yet sex itself is spiritual. Two people come together and exchange energy. People should view any consensual energy exchange as sacred because it encompasses selflessness and, sometimes, love. Spiritual sex is sensual. A quickie, therefore, cannot be spiritual. A quickie is meant for the sensations, but spiritual sex involves a conscious effort to involve spirituality. Below is a guide to know more about spiritual sex;

The Relationship Between Sex And Spirituality

Spirituality does not mean that you must subscribe to any religion. Your spirituality can be personal. So long as you believe in divinity, you are spiritual. Sex is related to sexuality if you believe that it is related to some form of divine power. You will not view sex as something people do for fun or procreation if you believe that human beings exist because of divinity. Even if it were for fun or procreation, you would view it as an activity set by some divine power. While people believe that sex is dirty, most religions make exceptions and allow sex for married people. This proves that sex is not dirty, but it is meant to be shared in certain circumstances. While marriage is considered holy matrimony, it is considered the perfect place to have sex. Sex is therefore acceptable and mandatory but only within marriage. According to Orapeleng (2002), the spiritual concept moves from a religious view to an individual view of sex when people engage in pre-marital sex. It is possible for sex that is not backed by religion to be spiritual., you do not need to back it up with any religious concept if you feel that sex is sacred and should be approached as such. Sex is not just the exchange of fluids and having an orgasm from a spiritual sense. It is the exchange of spiritual energy. It is even more spiritual when it brings forth life. Human beings are not objects. Human beings are divine. People may bring forth a new divine being when they have sex. You realize that we have sex as spiritual beings and not mere animals hoping to achieve a climax when you view sex as a sacred union.

How to Have Spiritual Sex

You wouldn't refer to a quickie as spiritual sex because it is a conscious pursuit of an orgasm. The last thing on your mind is that your partner is a divine creature and not a person you need for ejaculation. People may also refer to their partner as an object because that's how most of them feel when they have sex for the sensations and ejaculation. Similarly, spontaneous sex in the kitchen cannot be referred to as spiritual sex. There must be some preparations towards the end for sex to be spiritual. The following are the tips for ensuring that the sex you have is spiritual;

Ensure Personal Hygiene

Most spiritual concepts emphasize a lot on hygiene matters. Spiritual people are usually neat. You have probably years of the saying, "cleanliness is next to godliness." Depending on what you believe in, so long as you are spiritual, observing personal hygiene signifies that you recognize and respect your body as a spiritual being.

Prepare A Sacred Space For Sex.

The place you have sex with your partner should not be the same place you merge with the rest of the family to watch TV or the same room where kids play around. You can use the bedroom specifically for sex purposes and it will be a sacred place for yourself and your partner. It's like having a place of worship, like a church. A church is a room, but it is specifically meant to praise and worship God. You'll not go to church one day and find people playing games there. That's how your bedroom should be. Ensure to keep the bedroom clean, safe, and comfortable to enjoy spiritual sex, as Spring & Zuric (2009) suggested.

It Should Have Some Scents

Evoke your senses. Barker-Benfield (1992) stated that spiritual sex is sensual, and the environment should bring out all the senses you need to enjoy sensual sex. You may have some sweet-smelling fragrance, petals, nice smooth beddings...

Have Some Music

No loud music is meant to get over the vibrating sounds of your sex toys. According to Burke (2016), sex toys are also allowed in spiritual sex, so do not feel guilty about owning some. The focus should be on making the sex as sensual and spiritual as possible. Have some soothing music that will make the experience nostalgic. Build as many memories in the bedroom as much as you build the memories outdoor.


The best spiritual sex starts from the mind, and your partner can never know what you think if you do not communicate your emotions and feelings. Spiritual sex starts from the thoughts before the body and body fluids unite. Communication is important because it allows you to explore your partners' minds and find ways to make the union as pleasurable as you can to satisfy them. Spiritual sex is selfless. It encompasses a lot of trust, love, respect, and fulfillment.


Viewing or not viewing sex as spiritual sex is a personal decision. It all starts with how we view people. You wouldn't think sex is spiritual if you view people as prospective objects with which you can have sex. Sex will be sex to you. It will seem like something that you do to feel great and have a climax. People get involved in fornication and promiscuity when people do not view sex as spiritual. People who view sex as a spiritual activity that human beings get involved in may abstain to avoid losing sexual energy. others view human beings as divine beings we should treat with respect and love because sex is sacred.


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