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How to Have Spiritual Sex Without Being Spiritual

How to Have Spiritual Sex Without Being Spiritual

To have spiritual sex without being spiritual may be difficult for some people. Here are some things you can do to experience this magical moment, including ensuring the venue is neat and also having some oil and scents for your ritual.

Spiritual sex means that the individuals engaging in sex recognize the presence of some divine power. When a couple is having spiritual sex, they do not view the experience as an exchange of fluids and orgasms. Instead, they perceive it as an exchange of spiritual energy from one divine being to another. Spiritual sex is not limited to any religion, tradition, or cult. It may be a personal view that you may have towards sex. You may not be a spiritual person because you do not believe in divinity. Still, during sex, you acknowledge that sex cannot be an activity human beings do to mate and have babies as if it were an animalistic experience. You believe that there is some exchange of energy. You believe that the climax you get to enjoy is not meant for fun but the release of energy by divine beings. Here is how you can have spiritual sex without being spiritual;

Ensure the Venue is Neat

The place where you have sex should be neat and organized. There should be no distractions. It would be best if you did not trip over some books or step on some toys when trying to access your lube. The venue will serve as the holy ground for the session. You may have some soothing spiritual music in the background.

Observe personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is important for anyone observing spiritual teachings of whichever kind. If you are spiritual, you should keep your body clean to show your respect for the body. Baumann et al. (2021) commented that there are some hints of spirituality if you cannot sleep with a woman when she is menstruating, or when you ensure you are clean in order to send the right energy when you are having sex.

Recognize Your partner as a Divine Being

For the sex to be spiritual, you must view your partner as a spiritual being, not just someone whom you will have sex with only because you want to be ejaculate. Your partner will be a divine being whom you respect and appreciate. Sometimes, people have sex with people they do not respect, love or care for. The people imagine that their partners are meant to be the conduits they need to gain sexual relief and nothing more. Spiritual sex is different. 

Have Some Scents and Oils for Your Ritual

According to Damian & Damian (1995), spirituality involves scents and oils, and spiritual sex is no different. You could have some sweet scent in the room to give the room a spiritual aroma. You could also use oil to massage each other. A massage prepares the body for the energy exchange. 

Have Some Dim Light

You could use candles for this. It's odd to have spiritual sex where the light is bright. The candles could even be scented so that they perform the double role of lighting up the room and giving the experience some scent.

Get into a Spiritual Mood

You can get in the mood by closing your eyes and allowing your senses to get on an adventure. The scents you have in the room will evoke your sense of smell, and the oil will arouse the sense of touch as you massage each other. You may close your eyes so that you can see with your senses. 

Pray or Meditate

Driskill (1999) noted that prayer and meditation are the direct give-away of spirituality. When you pray, you acknowledge the existence of divine power, or at least you recognize your existence as divine. You appreciate the presence of your partner as a symbol of divinity. When you get into meditation, you recognize the importance of presence.

Get Ready for Sensual Sex

A quickie can never be spiritual because it does not involve your senses. Spiritual sex involves your whole body and is sensual. You feel each other in all ways to release the energy. In your minds, you are two divine creatures filled with the divine energy that you want to release as a team.

Help Each Other Reach Orgasm

Work your energies together until you orgasm. However, if your spirituality is inspired by Taoism sexology, the man may retain the semen because the Taoists believe we should retain semen. After all, releasing it drains the body. 

Relax the Energy

After the sex, your partner is still a divine being. You are meant to handle them with care, love, and respect. Therefore, you should hold them in a cuddle as the precious being they are. You'll be thanking nature for your partner as you hold them in that cuddle. Being spiritual has hints of love, joy, companionship, and care, and that's how you should feel after spiritual sex.

Clean Up

Cleanliness is an important aspect of spirituality. The most common garment color in most spiritual settings is white. According to Lehtinen (2016), white is the symbol of purity and cleanliness, and therefore a person hoping to have spiritual sex should be clean. You will need to tidy up the room and bathe so that the room smells clean again.


Spiritual sex is the merging of spirits and not bodies. Your partner's body means much more than a partner available for sex. In spiritual sex, your partner's body is spiritual too, a being that you should handle with love and respect. When you merge sexually, you both exchange spiritual energy. Sex for a person who practices spiritual sex differs from an ordinary sexual activity where the couple unites to ejaculate. Spiritual sex is meaningful to the partners, and promiscuity is unlikely among people who practice spiritual sex. To them, sex means a lot more than the exchange of bodily fluids. Sex to them means the exchange of energy, and the partner to them is a sacred being that deserves to be loved and respected.


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