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Go Back to Basics to Spice up your Sex Life

Go Back to Basics to Spice up your Sex Life

Go Back to Basics to Spice up your Sex Life

By Tatyana Dyachenko

When we're in a long term relationship or marriage we can easily take for granted the fact that we have sex on tap. Sometimes this can lead us to go days or weeks without sex as there's always tomorrow.

However, even though the sex with your partner may be the best you've ever experienced, you can add some butterflies and excitement to the mix by taking a tip from your own trip into the unknown as a teenager. Although when losing your virginity you may not have felt the earth move you will have experienced the anticipation and nervousness that made it so special.

Dry Humping

Unless we have a home of our own at a young age, when we first start to experiment sexually we're usually aware of either others in the house or being interrupted. This leads to a lot of dry humping either indoors or in public as we grind against each other fully clothed becoming more and more aroused. As we start living with our partners and no longer worry about being caught this sexual act disappears which is such a shame as it can build a lot of excitement before clothes come off.

Feeling through Underwear

Another thing we may have done when experimenting is feeling genitals through clothes. This was a safe method of play as we could easily correct ourselves if any came in the room. Maybe a couple of top buttons on jeans were undone before eager hands slipped underneath to feel the erect penis through boxer shorts, all the while kissing and raising the heat considerably.

Sex Fully Clothed

Another act we often tried was to have sex with as little of our bodies on show as possible, again so we could easily correct ourselves should interruptions occur. This is an incredible turn on if you've not done it for a while as there's something very erotic about feeling denim brushing against your thighs or the cold metal of buttons on jeans in contrast to the hot erect penis inside you. The best way to do this is to wear a skirt without tights and simply pull your knickers to a side while he frees himself through the gap in his boxer shorts.

Sex in the Car

There's probably no way you'd consider sex in the car in the middle of winter nowadays however back then you probably loved it when you finally had your own space to have a bit regardless of the cold. Sex in the car is not just for doggers and teenagers it is thrilling, exciting, and can take you back to those snatched moments when you finally had a chance to satisfy your primal urges.

Sex with a Condom

Even though you may have been together for an age and have contraception sorted, sex with a condom can still be exciting as it brings back the nervousness of first times where you feared becoming pregnant along with a taste of youth when you had to choose this method lest you had an embarrassing trip to the doctors to ask for the pill. It may seem silly but there is something erotic about watching a man suit up.

You can try all of these to add a little spice back into your relationship and with luck you'll feel like a teenager again wanting to do it whenever you find yourselves with precious time alone.