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Grown Up Board Games – How Can They Make a Dull Night Interesting?

Grown Up Board Games – How Can They Make a Dull Night Interesting?

Grown Up Board Games – How Can They Make a Dull Night Interesting?

By Ksenia Sobchak

Do you remember how much fun you used to have playing Monopoly, Hungry, Hungry Hippos and Risk? Perhaps you had a lot of fun in your teen and preteen years, and perhaps you were slightly disappointed to learn that adult life was nothing like it was in Monopoly. Who doesn’t love the idea of board games and especially on a dull night? Board games encourage conversation, stir up competition, and above all, bring friends together.

In fact, the only thing that could make a board game better is if you could have sex while playing. Enter the adult board game! Whether you’re looking for something bawdy, or something sophisticated, you can find a game that everybody likes to suit the occasion.

From Bawdy Games to Brainy Games

If you’re throwing a bachelor or bachelorette party, then you have to break out some bawdy laughs, courtesy of Pin the Macho on the Man, Erotic Strip Poker Tin or Glow in the Dark Pecker Ring Toss. If you and the spouse prefer a little brainer action before bed then you can play an adult game of wits like Man Laws and Women Rules or 50 Drinking Games, which lets you ponder the intellectualism of drunken behaviour.

Board Games to Entice Your Erotic Imagination

If you’re having a stag or hen party then you can’t go wrong with a game like Foolin’ Around, which lets you learn a little bit about your company. The More Dirty Minds Game is similar, but instead lets you and your adult friends figure out naughty puzzles with the help of some filthy clues. Relax, it’s not “really filthy”…you just have a dirty mind! This adult puzzle game is a great conversation piece and a real icebreaker for shy lovers.

If that seems too confusing then you can’t do much wrong with the deluxe edition of Truth or Dare. You don’t even have to come up with dares yourself. Just speak the truth or do one of the outrageous and sexy things suggested on the card.

Games That Go All the Way

If you and your partner want to actually engage in foreplay while rolling dice and reading cards, then you can start your own game board adventure with a game like Bumps and Grinds. This drinking and stripping game lets you play a traditional board game, but one full of outrageous card commands. Whenever a person lands on a strip square, he or she must remove one article of clothing. In like manner, Choose or Lose also encourages stripping, kissing and touching and feeling, all under the guise of an innocent board game.

Why play a regular board game and have sex afterwards when you can strip and kiss all you want and still claim first prize? Some board games are all about sex, whereas some board games are more party-oriented and stress good times and revealing conversation. Whether you want to have fun at a bachelor party, put your new wife (or husband) at ease on the wedding night, or want to host your own swinger party, there is always a sexy new board game ready to provide the how-to’s.