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How a Man’s Face Shape Can Show Infidelity

How a Man's Face Shape Can Show Infidelity

How a Man's Face Shape Can Show Infidelity

By Tatyana Dyachenko

This week the Daily Mail reported that a woman can tell if a man will be unfaithful simply by the look on his face.

The Daily Mail claims that if a woman needs to know if her future partner will be unfaithful all she has to do is look at the shape of his jaw or his brow. Apparently research conducted at the University of Western Australia showed that women could pick out the cheaters easily by simply analysing facial features. The men most likely to stray were those with square jaws, a prominent brow line or masculine features that oozed testosterone.

I can’t help asking the question “If we’re so great at spotting a cheat, why do we marry cheaters?”

Apparantely we’re our own worst enemies as we pick these manly men because they look as though they will produce great looking kids. I think it’s a bit simpler than that, we pick them because they’re bloody gorgeous and can’t wait to see them naked. Whatever the reason we are very attracted to types such as Colin Farrell and Gerard Butler despite sensing that they could be unfaithful in the future.

This isn’t all though it is said that these features also indicate very high levels of testosterone which could make these men moody and sometimes violent.

Luckily for women, the same test on men showed that the males were completely clueless when it came to picking out the faces that would be unfaithful. I guess we are better actors after all.

It went onto to say that women will choose these men for flings but when deciding to settle down they’ll deliberately choose wimpier looking men as they offer more stability and have less chances of straying.

However masculine men have no shortage of serious relationships and how would they have an affair if they weren’t in a long term relationship in the first place? Some women must ignore what’s staring them in the face and marry them anyway.

And why not? They may not be ideal for a long comfortable steady life but they certainly make every day exciting, the lust never disappears and they keep us on our toes.

I personally think that women do go into these marriages with eyes wide opn, they know deep down that their man has a wandering eye yet they hope they can change him. They think they may be the one that blows his world apart and makes him want to give up nights at Spearmint Rhino and cure his wandering eye.

Yet it rarely happens like this and so ensues a volatile relationship that is passionate and angry in equal measure. Women that actually stay the course and ignore the affairs find some relief after retirement when his dodgy back, impotence and ear hair prompt him to stay at home whereas the tiny percentage that get their wish of actually changing their man find that the spark disappears as soon as he dons the Ryedale High cardigan.

My advice? Go with the flow, enjoy the ride and don’t think too deeply. His face hasn’t changed with every relationship he’s had he was born with the facial features he has today.