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How To Explore When Your Sex Life’s a Bore

How To Explore When Your Sex Life’s a Bore

How To Explore When Your Sex Life’s a Bore

By Elena Ognivtseva

We all know that two in three marriages end in divorce, however, what we don't seem to have realised is that over 60% of these break ups are down to sex alone. It's astounding, but it shows how important sex is between couples. Whether the divorce is due to an affair, the absence of chemistry or the lack of sexual fulfilment, indications prove that good sex can save a marriage that was previously written off.

Are you Stuck in a Rut?

Many long term partners find themselves stuck in a rut. Within just months of meeting each other they think they found what works best for them both to climax with ease. However, this can lead to despondency, and just because it works and brings an orgasm, it doesn't mean the orgasm is the best it possibly can be. For both partners, there are better climaxes out there waiting to be had, ones that leave you shaking from the intensity and ready for round two.

If you find yourself in the same old routine of you come, he comes, and you cuddle then return to daily life, it's time to inject a little fire in your belly!

Explore More

The great thing about spending lots of time together is the ability to read your partners thoughts. Out of the bedroom you may not even converse much as you already know what their answers will be, however, this negative in a domestic setting can be turned into a positive in the bedroom.

You know your partners mind, but do you really know their body? Do they have any distinguishing marks on their genitals? A freckle, a scar? Do they always forget to shave one area when having a trim? If you had to draw your partner's vagina or penis would you be able to from memory? If not, why not? This is your life partner, and you are the only one they share this part of their body with. The bond this creates is almost indestructible, so if you've not yet explored properly, now's the time to do it.

If either of you are shy, try using a blindfold. He can blindfold you and then watch without worrying as he takes in every little part of you. Don't be self-conscious as every vagina is completely different, and if your man is repulsed by what he sees no matter how hard the scrutiny, he's quite simply not human.

Access All Areas

Have you explored anal sex? Not just for you but him too? A good sexual relationship, whether love is present or not involves complete trust. This means surrendering your body knowing he will take good care of it. He should allow you to explore him to, to touch him in ways no one else has. If the thought of anal turns you off, use condoms, or finger condoms to place a barrier.

Nipples are often overlooked too; however they create the ultimate pleasure in both men and women. Try introducing nipple clamps, tassels, anything that adds a little pleasure and pain.

Make Mine a Double

Many men and women assume that because they've never had multiple orgasms before they won't in the future. Some men think they need hours to recover after ejaculation. However if you always leave the bed after climaxing, how do you know? Don't disappear too quickly as after play is one sure way to bring the spark back. Without any expectations, so that it doesn't matter if you come again or not, kiss, stroke, lick, bite, nibble tease, use sex toys, and find each other's G-spots. Basically get down and dirty, sticky, sweaty and sensually aroused. If by chance he finds himself hardening again, or your clitoris swells ready for more stimulation, have yourselves a double whammy and enjoy the afterglow at leisure.