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How to Plan a Perfect Sex Toy Party with Your Friends

How to Plan a Perfect Sex Toy Party with Your Friends

How to Plan a Perfect Sex Toy Party with Your Friends

By Elena Ognivtseva

It's a tough time economically and not likely to get better soon. Unemployment figures are projected to be in double-digit numbers for the duration of 2020. If you've got a job, there's a good chance that you're underemployed or not able to get full-time hours. So any opportunity for making extra income is attractive. Opportunities for extra income that are also a lot of fun are extremely attractive. Avon and Tupperware parties just don't cut it on that score anymore. Get ready for the sex toy party.

Many women are taking the opportunity to host a sex toy party as a "consultant." What's all that about? Well, an adult toy party is structured almost identically to the classic Tupperware party. You make a few friends aware that you're hosting a sex toy party, you get advice from the company you're getting products from on how best to host a sex toy party, and you make your adult toy party a fun and informative event. At a sex toy party, women have a safe, comfortable, and most importantly, confidential avenue to discuss sexuality, feelings, relationships, and get an introduction to all sorts of nifty products at the sex toy party that can really enhance their sensual lives. Plus, the host of the adult toy party gets a nice supplemental income from hosting a sex toy party and selling merchandise that's still attractive in economically tough times.

The perks and incentives common to the familiar home enterprises such as Amway and Tupperware are plentiful in the sex toy party industry. There are conventions, with all sorts of seminars and training opportunities, monetary and gift incentives such as cars and vacations to adult toy party hostesses who prove to be sales leaders, and when you host a passion party and become part of the company, you're joining a vast network of professionals who are committed to your success as a passion party hostess. You can host a passion party as either a sideline or take on being an adult toy party hostess as a full-time enterprise. It's entirely your choice as to the time commitment you wish to make when you host a sex toy party.

A sex toy party is a safe, comfortable, and fun environment for women to discover sensual products, and deciding to host a passion party is a decision that can launch a lucrative career. It's an enterprise that offers fun, friendship, and considerable opportunity.

How to get invited to a sex toy party?

Adult toy parties are all the rage in our Great Recession America. People desperately need the extra income they can provide and besides, Tupperware is so passé. So enterprising outfits and a host of others recruit women to host adult sex toy or ‘passion’ parties as a vehicle for them to market and sell their sensual aids. These sensual aid parties sound like a good deal to women and couples who enjoy or are interested in experiencing the sensual enhancements these products can provide, but feel uncomfortable with the prospect of visiting an adult retailer or with online shopping. These parties provide a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere to learn about sensual accessories by means of listening to sex toys reviews and acquire the ones that are the most appealing in a no-pressure environment.

So how does one go about getting an invite?

It's not that difficult. It can be as simple as doing a search in the Yellow Pages or online for adult toys and seeing who acts as a retailer in your locality. These listings will invariably turn up any representatives of sensual aid party companies who throw parties in your area, and a quick phone call or email will get you an invitation for the next one that takes place. In the unlikely event your search doesn't yield anything, try emailing one of the companies who hold the events. Chances are that there's one which will be able to put you in touch with an adult party planner near you.

You can also try keeping an eye on your local papers—if you live in a socially liberal area, you'll intermittently find announcements for adult toy parties. You can also keep an eye on online bulletin boards that track sales and events in your community. Adult toy party planners cast a wide web, so it never hurts to check Craigslist and the like for announcements.

Before long, you'll be attending your first adult toy party. There you'll discover that there's never been a more relaxed, comfortable, and fun way to shop for sensual aids. Enjoy.