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Is it Really Ok to Have One Last Fling?

Is it Really Ok to Have One Last Fling?

Is it Really Ok to Have One Last Fling?

By Tatyana Dyachenko

The Stag and Hen nights are often referred to as the last night of freedom, so if this is the case surely a fling isn't cheating?

Of course it depends on the couple but do you think it's ok to have one last fling?

We're not ones to judge of course, the decision is all yours, but those who do have one last fling tend to follow a pattern and the marriage doesn't often last. Not because the bride finds out (although 50% of them do) but for other reasons.

If you are considering this for your stag or hen night, you may want to rethink your coming nuptials and this is the reason why:

You're Not Happy

You might think that Happily Ever Afters are for fairy tales only and finding 'the one" is a load of rubbish, but it's actually true. If you're happy about getting married, your thoughts will be on your bride or groom, nothing else. Having a last fling, or even looking for one suggests you think you have one last chance to find someone better which isn't fair on either of you.

You Don't Trust Him/Her

Amazingly some people think a last fling is ok as they imagine the other partner doing the same, it's an act of self-preservation. To get in their first and to be able to put a divide between bride and groom so no emotions will penetrate. Look at this from another point of view, if you treat your partner like the enemy now; imagine what it will be like in five years' time?

You've Low Self Esteem

A fling is usually due to low self-esteem; whether you're the bride or groom, if this is the reason you're doing it to prove you're still attractive. But why wouldn't you be? A man or woman wants to spend their life with you, surely that says you're the most beautiful person in the world to one person? If it doesn't you need to think again as you're really not feeling that love.

You've No Respect

The no.1 reason men and women resist an affair is because of respect for their partner. They know that their partner deserves more and the thought of their partner being hurt, angry or humiliated is enough to stop even the strongest desires. If you've no respect for your partner now, you may as well walk away. It's not fair on them at all.

You Think You'll Feel Better with it out of Your System

You won't. You'll feel worse, if you've a conscience.

If you do fancy a last fling, and you're not in an open relationship, consider the consequences. Your other half may never find out but how will you feel knowing that the vows you take are basically a lie. Ask yourself if you really want to marry the other person as although a divorce is easy enough it can be quite messy and if you think there's someone better out there, life's too short to settle for second best!