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Sensational Sex on a Budget

Sensational Sex on a Budget

Sensational Sex on a Budget

By Ksenia Sobchak

The recession may not be the first thing on your mind when thinking of a wild night in or out of bed, however, this is effecting many long term couples, as their naughty weekends away are put on hold due to family finances. Studies do show though that couples without children are now having more sex than ever, as they opt to stay in rather than having a night on the town.

Yet, depressingly, those with huge overheads of mortgages, families and bills are now having less sex, not just due to the shortage of cash, but to the fact that this financial pressure is taking the fizz out of their sexual appetite.

This seems like such a shame, as sex is the one thoroughly enjoyable activity we can all enjoy for free, its also a wonderful way to unwind and to forget the worries of the day. However, although once in the zone couples realise the benefits, its taking longer and longer for them to muster up the energy to take even that first step.

There are ways you can have fantastic sex regardless of the money worries, using free or inexpensive items you can bring the sparkle back into that relationship making it feel new, special and ultimately sensational. Instead of the mundane Sunday morning routine that's over so quickly you've no need to get your breath back you can bring the passion alive and relive those carefree days before the commitments of family life.

Don't Have a Date Night

So many experts give advice on having a date night where you dress up and put time aside just for the two of you. In reality this only serves to leave you feeling guilty and pressured if you've had a hard day at work and would like nothing better than a glass of wine, your pyjamas and the TV. Instead remove the planning. Take opportunities when they arise. If you find yourselves free for lunch without children, or unusually alert one evening, make the most of it. Sex in an afternoon is great for married couples, as you're still wide awake, the kids may be at school or nursery and you feel naughtier than ever as you take a part of the working day for your own sexual fulfilment.

Make your Own Movie

Most phones now have a video facility that puts may camcorders to shame. By making your own movie you can watch together whenever you need a little extra arousal.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

It's a proven fact that you can recapture those first flushes of lust just by talking about them. Reliving how you met, your first kiss, your first sexual encounter with each other, serves to arouse both parties, bring back those butterflies and makes us want to act out through sex. Start the conversation, and see where it leads.

Pamper Each Other

As you may have cut back on beauty salons or gym memberships, you can combine the two by using each other for pampering. Give massages, share an aromatherapy bath, or practice some reflexology. You can then finish with a high calorie workout knowing no membership fees are required.

Remove the Wine

So many of us are used to unwinding with wine on an evening, which is great with a meal. However when did you last have sex with no mood altering substances in your body at all? Try prolonging the opening of that bottle of wine and see how your body rewards you when you reach dizzying heights that make the room spin without the alcohol.