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How long should a man last in bed? How long is the average penis? At which age are men the most active sexually? Is sexercise exercise? Do men watch more porn than women? These are some questions that people, including men, wonder about.

To understand men, we need to look into some ideas and facts available. For instance, the rumor that men think about sex every 7 seconds. This statement is disputable unless a man is aroused. Women also seem to believe that a real man should be able to have sex for long, around thirty minutes. If 7 minutes is a woman's definition of long, they better be content with that because most men can have sex for 13 minutes. Below are some interesting facts about men – with figures;

Which Age is a Man Most Sexually Active?

20 is the average age when men are most sexually active. Most men start having sex in their teens, but they are the most active in their 20s. At this age, a single man can have sex 80 times in a year. However, this number reduces as he ages. By the time he is in his retirement age, a single guy will be lucky if he can have sex 20 times in a year.

How Long Can a Man Last During Sexual Intercourse?

Most men fear to be named a one-minute man. Therefore, how long should they last to avoid being called the name? An average man has sex for up to 7 to 13 minutes. It has been said that anything more than that is too long. There is no point in having sex continuously for an hour. 

Sexercise is Not Exercising

It does not matter if you are dehydrated from practicing coitus. Sexercise is not exercising. Men have been using this excuse for decades to trick women into having sex It should be noted that you burn only 5 calories in a minute when having sexual intercourse. You need 3500 calories to lose a pound. The amount of calories you will lose when having sex, even if you do it every hour, is not enough to make sex count as an exercise

Do Men Watch Porn More Than Women?

70% of men watch porn compared to 33% of women. Women prefer watching porn with their men, while men prefer watching alone.

How Many Times Do Men Think About Sex?

This point disregards the old wife's myth that men think about sex every 7 seconds. Women think that men think and want sex all the time, but there are other things that men want that they would not achieve if they spent hours of their time just thinking about sex. The only thing that men will agree on is that sometimes the mind is clouded. A man will think about sex only when aroused, which is not all the time.

How Long After Sex Can a Man Erect Again?

After a man ejaculates, the penis shrinks and stays in what is known as a refractory period. A man cannot do anything to erect when the penis has shrunk. Having sex the whole night is not possible. He must rest. The man feels drained, and he does not think about sex or getting aroused. A joke goes around that the similarity between a man after sex and a murderer is that after it is all done, they do not know what to do with the body. The average time set for a man to recover and probably have sex again is half an hour or more, depending on his age, physical health, and lifestyle

How Long is the Average Penis?

According to King (2020), the average penis size is 5.57 inches long. If there is a man out there who has been wondering where he features in terms of penis endowment, then this is the information you need. If your penis is more than 5.57 inches long, then you are above verge. If your penis size is under 5.57 inches, you are below verge. However, it's not all about size but skill.

Does Oral Sex Affect the Size of the Penis?

The Journal of Sexual Medicine found oral sex can work toward boosting the size of a penis. The more you have oral sex, the more your penis enlarges. The enlargement of the penis by oral sex is a fact that can easily be verified so that we can choose to either dismiss it or accept it. Get some oral sex and observe. 

There are Two Types of Male Penis

The two types of penises are growers and showers as illustrated by Yafi et al. (2018). According to research, 79% of men have growers while 21% have showers. Growers add some inches when they are erect. If the penis is 6 inches, it will be around 6.6 inches -plus when erect. If the penis is a shower, it will not add many inches. If it is 6 inches long, it will be around 6.2 inches long. 


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