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The Easiest Way To Better Sex? Confidence!

The Easiest Way To Better Sex? Confidence!

The Easiest Way To Better Sex? Confidence!

By Tatyana Dyachenko

The internet is full of excellent articles on how to have better sex, how to increase passion in your relationship, and how to appear attractive to the opposite (or the same) sex. In fact sometimes it can seem like your mind is going to explode from everything you have been reading about and trying to commit to memory. As a girl who likes to stay at the forefront of the world of sex and relationships, I'm all for internet research and one of my favourite resources is this very site; Sex Talk is packed with top quality advice about sex toys, sexual technique and happy relationships. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to slow down, clear your mind and concentrate on one thing at a time. Ladies, the chances are your other half already loves what you do in bed, so don't sweat the small stuff.

In my opinion confidence is the key to great sex" which leads to a great relationship" which leads to a happy and contented way of life. Confidence leads to so many positive changes in your life and it's really quite easy to increase your self-confidence. Let me share with you the ritual I go through every time I feel a bit lacking in sparkle"

The idea of doing this might make you giggle, but stick with it and I guarantee you will see a difference.

Step One:

Choose an evening when you are sure you won't be disturbed. If you have children drop them off at a friends or family member's house so that the two of you can be alone. You will also need to banish your partner to the living room for the first bit.

Step Two:

Run a warm bath and use a sweet smelling bubble bath to create a peaceful and indulgent haven. Spend some time in the bath relaxing and buffing your skin to perfection. Start to think about all of the areas of your body that you like, and ignore the bits you're not keen on.

Step Three:

When you out of the bath and dry apply a thick body lotion and really rub it in - but gently, you don't want to make your skin red. While you're rubbing it in stand in front of a full length mirror and look more closely at the areas of your body which you think are beautiful (do this by candle light or dim light, not stark florescent light!). Do you have a small waist? Do you have a nice curvy bum? Do you have a seductive neck? Once you've spent time on your 'good bits' start to look at your 'bad bits'. Are they really that bad? You may have small breasts but are they a nice shape? You may have a bit of a tummy but is it soft and womanly? Go through each part of your body at a time and find something positive about it. Repeat these positive things in your head. Right now you should be feeling pretty sexy and confident!

Step Four:

Once you feel that the ritual is complete call your partner into the bedroom for some loving. They are guaranteed to notice a huge difference in the way you act in bed that night! Give it a go!