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There are so many ways you can use to make men have a feeling of sex. Try to ask your guy the following seven sex questions to enhance the bond of your relationship, including if they have ever sexted, if they would consider a threesome, and if they are open to sex toys.

You may feel like making love anytime you meet up with your partner because it has always been that way. However, this stage is normally temporary. After the honeymoon, the stage lapses, and most couples back off from sex and start having less sex. Sometimes, too much sex may cause numbness or pain, which is not a nice feeling. Below are the best questions you can ask your guy.

What is the Hottest Sexual Thing You Have Ever Done?

This sexual question is important since you will be able to get the ideas of things he may like doing that you aren't doing. He may have tried submission and domination and may want to always be in a leadership position. On the other hand, he may want to welcome the chance of giving up his responsibilities or surrender completely to sex. You may as well learn the tips for becoming submissive and dominant.

Your guy may think that the role is super-hot and worth playing. He might describe his hottest scenario of sex to you for both of you to act it out. He may take the role of a repairman, and you take for a homemaker. Additionally, he may be your teacher, and you be a schoolgirl. Furthermore, he may be a corrections officer and be a prisoner.

Moreover, his hottest sexual scenario may be when he is outside. He may come up with the idea of being caught. Maybe he likes watching, and it is your role to show him what you do while he is away. Only you will know that he is around and he is watching you.

Have You Ever Had Phone Sex?

Every man who has not yet tried phone sex may wish to try it out. This makes it the best sexual question to ask your man. From his response, you may be able to learn if he may want to try it. Phone sex is the best way of bringing couples closer since it requires a certain quality of trust that the two can freely say anything they want. Start with a normal conversation if you have never tried phone sex and don't know how or where you can start. Talk slowly, activate the mood by switching off the lights, removing your clothes, and then touching yourself. You can then explain to him what you are currently doing. Finally, ask him a question to help you find out what he would like you to do for him.

Have you ever used sex toys?

This is the most interesting question to ask your guy among all the sexual questions because the answer is always yes. He may describe to you those that he likes. If he says he has never used it, the discussion will lead you to if he wants it or not, and you may also describe the ones you like. The most popular sex toy that couples use is a couples vibrator. He may use it on you or get a curved vibrator. This shape fits inside you while he penetrates. This vibrator is great for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation, and also his penis feels the vibrations.

Furthermore, he may use a penis ring which helps him remain hard for a long time. Penis rings work by restricting blood flow and maintaining blood in the penis.

Have You Ever Had Anything “up there”?

Other sexual questions may be embarrassing initially, but that doesn't mean you should stop asking them. This is because you don't know what the findings will be. Some men like having things inserted in their anal cavity since there are nerve endings next to the prostate. The prostate is a male G-spot.

He may wish to go further if he is more into anal fingering. This is where you mays tart using butt plugs. Butt plugs come in different sizes and shapes, y, and you get small, medium, or large and straight or round. Both f them may give a great feeling of fullness, and most people enjoy it. Other butt plugs vibrate. 

Butt plugs usually have a wide base to prevent them from sinking into the anal cavity. They then place them in and maintain one position, with no movement like with most toys. If you would use one, begin by stimulating your anus manually using your fingers. You can start with one finger and then later adjust to two. After you are used to it, you can now start using butt plugs with a lot of lube

Would You Ever Consider a Threesome?

Light your man's eyes by asking him if he would like to try a threesome. This is a fantasy he may want to try. A threesome may involve one man and two women or two women and one man. Your man will have a chance to please two women simultaneously. Some men like watching their partner with someone else. You should learn ways of having a great threesome before trying. 

The Bottom Line

It is essential to communicate with your man, especially when sex is a routine in your relationship. The above-discussed questions will help you learn new things concerning your man. You may ask your man so many questions, but don't do it at once. This will help improve your relationship.