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The Secrets of Giving a Sensual Massage

The Secrets of Giving a Sensual Massage

The Secrets of Giving a Sensual Massage

By Ksenia Sobchak

A good massage is the perfect tool for foreplay. I’ve known men that are not blessed with the good looks to attract a lady use massage in a bar to arouse and ultimately reel in the gorgeous girl. Others I’ve known have found that a massage can turn a “just friends” situation into a night of extraordinary passion; however, many veer away from it simply because they don’t feel their talents will be good enough.

Massage in a Meeting Place

The man in the bar uses a wonderful technique without the removal of clothes, letting his object of desire quiver with anticipation knowing that if he is so good at producing the tingling feelings in public, he’ll excel in the bedroom. Simply by leading the conversation to palm reading, relaxation or even manicures, he takes the lady’s hand and massages gently from fingertip to palm spending a long time working his thumb and forefinger down each digit. As he tickles, strokes and teases, a chemical reaction occurs in the brain, turning the woman on and making her want more – much more.

Massage between Friends

The friends massage begins as a neck rub and as the woman/man begins to unwind, it progresses to a full body massage. Over the course of an hour, the friends will gently access areas usually forbidden and the man/woman will allow them as they will have drifted into a state of complete relaxation that takes only one or two strokes to shift into full on arousal. Suddenly the massager is seen as more than a friend, as they stroke, tease and delight, leading onto oral sex they leave their desired wanting to replay the sequence again and again.

Massage in Marriage

Offering your partner a massage is one sure way to ensure your luck is in for the evening. Any recipient will be delighted by you taking the time to help them unwind after a long day. When relaxation is found, they will want to intensify the feelings of arousal you’ve created, making for some explosive love making.

However many avoid it as they don’t know how to do it or worry they won’t be as good as previous partners. The trick to massage is time and patience. With the addition of a little oil, anyone can be a practiced masseuse as long as they are prepared to be completely selfless for an hour.

You can start at the feet letting your loved one unwind from the bottom up. Keep their modesty covered with a towel so they feel as if this is a special treat and not just a detour to sex. Rub with circular motions using your thumb and forefinger, and stroke in between each rub, allowing your strokes to travel a little further each time. If starting from the shoulders use the palms of your hands and your thumbs to rub, imagine pushing the creases out of paper as you smooth the knots in their back.

Travel down (or up) massaging slowly and rubbing, repeating the action, going over the same places, and tantalize by moving onto the thighs before returning to the more innocent parts of the body. A good massage takes 30 to sixty minutes, by which time you should move to using your mouth along with your hands to give kisses of pleasure in between strokes. Progressing to oral sex comes naturally, and you will be rewarded by knowing you’ve just given the best performance of your life.

This can all be intensified with the addition of a blindfold, however make sure your lover doesn’t nod off when reaching that relaxed euphoria of your making!