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There’s Nothing Casual About Casual Sex

There’s Nothing Casual About Casual Sex

Casual sex can be described in various ways. But, nothing is casual about sex since only body fluids get exchanged and other things.

Depending on the circumstance, casual sex can be relished, celebrated, stigmatized, or envied. It's a serious thing among some individuals that evaluate the advantages and disadvantages when thinking about whether to get involved in casual sex or not. Others don't give it a thought. They do it casually. That's why people differ in opinion with no settled answer saying if it's good or not.

Defining casual sex

What's casual sex? As earlier stated, people have different definitions of casual sex. But, we can say it's consensual sex with a non-strings attached partner. It could be outside your intimate marriage or relationship with co expectations, commitments, or no strings attached. Some people refer to it as booty calls, nightstands, hookups, flings, or friends with benefits. You can name it, relying on the situation at hand. The people involved could be exes, dating partners, strangers, close friends, or casual acquaintances. In other words, casual sex can have physical and sexual intimacy, no love components or romantic traces, and no committed parties. It can be done frequently or periodically.

Casual sex situation

Some individuals supporting casual sex see it as a healthy outlet. They view it as regular exercise or a pleasurable physical practice that lacks accountability, expectations, and pressure, as witnessed in the romantic cultural, romantic cultural affairs. To others, it's appealing; however, they find it hard to control their emotions after situations of rejection or judgment. They say it can hurt their emotions, especially when one longs for it, but in vain. Fear of getting infected with sexually transmitted infections, disappointment, and sexual assault are drawbacks. For these reasons, they think casual sex is unworthy, and it's best to only stick to your relationship or marriage. Even tales and cautionary statements were given to women and girls. For example, they got a warning through adages saying that you shouldn't give away free milk for the cow won't be bought. That's to suggest that they won't compromise their virtues.

Sex without commitment is immoral for some people. Others link it to men and lose women, as they call them. Cheating is a major ingredient of this 'immorality', either by one or both partners. Additionally, assumptions, stereotypes, personal beliefs, ethics, and experience play a big role. Despite the debate involved, it's clear that casual sex comes with risks, including contracting sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy, and physical or emotional harm from your spouse. Apart from risk factors and moral problems, it would help to look at the mental health effects before engaging in casual sex.

Associated stereotypes

A lot of beliefs and stereotypes revolving around religion, culture, and history are against casual sex. Mostly, they affect women who are believed to be marriage promoters and known for being sex avenues. Some traditions mainly link sex to reproduction and not pleasure. For men, this act is allowed but secretively, and if caught, one undergoes consequences, including ruining their reputation. The case isn't similar to women as they are rebuked for engaging in casual sex and branded as sluts, loose, easy, or whores. That's the reason it's damaging. That's due to these regressive beliefs and stereotypes. Seemingly, it's a wrong idea for women to engage in sexual enjoyment, more so outside marriage. A bit of good news, especially for women, landed in the 1960s when effective birth control methods were introduced. These stereotypes started fading. Nevertheless, some people are still conservative about free love and freedom.

Benefits and setbacks

Everything that comes with advantages must have its disadvantages, and in casual sex, they're varied depending on their stance. The advantages include feeling attractive, sexual satisfaction, and the possibility of meeting a potential partner. On the other hand, sexual regret or distress from longing for more can be the drawbacks. They may be different based on the person and their mindset. While some people associate social stigma with casual sex, others have embraced the activity. It's best for everybody to look It's any negativity affecting them and weigh to see if they resonate with the beliefs to know whether to accept or walk out. They should also consider your emotions about the involvement before, during, and later. We also know that many engage in the idea, only to deflate, be attached, feel misguided, and frustrated. Conversely, others experience the opposite, ending up impressed by the encounter.

Is casual sex right for you?

How you perceive casual sex is totally a personal decision and highly connects to your status, beliefs, and life experiences. Some will feel minor regrets, pleasure, great shame, or gift, and others not. You may need to determine how you feel about nightstands or friends with benefits by trial and error. But, it'd be better to think about what you believe and wish for your sexual life to understand your most suitable decision deeply. In other words, you should sincerely assess your emotions about casual sex and your anticipation of the practice. You may use it to experience various sexual habits or relationships before choosing a monogamous commitment. Or maybe you feel at peace trying out your sexual encounters casually. Suppose hookups give you heaven; why not go for it?

The bottom line

Depending on the individual, casual sex may be fantastic or bring guilt, emptiness, and dissatisfaction. The best way to know if you're gaining from it is by evaluating what you feel about yourself. Without that, it might not be easy to enjoy. We're different, and that's just perfect. Nobody is always right or wrong; follow your heart and live the life you want. Someone may come out of a sexual encounter depressed, sad, embarrassed, or annoyed, but others gain more peace and confidence and feel pleased and fulfilled. If it depresses you unexpectedly, it might be the right time to commit to your romantic marriage or relationship.