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What she really wants for Mother’s Day

What she really wants for Mother's Day

What she really wants for Mother's Day

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Mum’s (not always) the word – give him a little nudge this Mother’s Day
Ok so let’s actually touch on that slightly grey area (and no we’re not talking about Mr Grey this time) on whether a private gift from your husband/partner for Mother’s Day would actually be welcome. The kind of gift that would not be appropriate to open in front of the children of course. Yes we are talking about Sex Toys to help lead us ladies onto some well deserved stress relieving masturbation.

I mean it’s all well and good looking forward to soggy toast, lukewarm tea and being woken up at the crack of dawn by over excited children, who have painstakingly cut, pasted, glittered and glued a card together, which is actually so over embellished it’s turned floppy so there’s no chance of it standing proudly on the mantelpiece anyway. Bless their hearts, and yes it very heart-warming to be joyfully reminded at 6:30am on a Sunday morning just how much they adore you and are eternally grateful for bringing them into the world, but let’s face it all we might secretly want on Mother’s Day is some quality ‘me’ time.

So once the breakfast, and if you’re lucky a good pub lunch is out the way, how’s about persuading your husband/partner to give you a little time to yourself obviously having reminded him to indulge you in a little treat this Mother’s Day – a gift from him to you to thank you for being such a super hero mother. Well there isn’t a ‘Wive’s Day’ is there and he may have missed the Valentine’s opportunity! There are some fabulous Sex Toys for Her that he could buy that will help you indulge in a little personal pleasure.

So we’ve got some top recommendations from our sex toy range available from Peaches and Screams that will certainly help you get a spring in your step on the next school run:

Lelo have a fantastic range of top quality Sex Toys and their Ora Cliroral Stimulator is ergonomically crafted to fit comfortably in your hand and against your folds, the Ora will shower you with seductive swirls and intense pulsations, on and around the clitoris. The ultra-soft and smooth silicone finish which is also 100% waterproof allowing you to take pleasure whatever the setting. Once fully charged this provides one hour of pleasure – perfect time frame for Dad to take them to the park!

The Doxy Massager will also work wonders and also focuses on providing seriously powerful clitoral stimulation. Originally designed as a sports massager it’s the world's most powerful mains operated wand massager. The Doxy Massager head delivers a strong vibration that will penetrate deep into the body. It is this function that allows the Doxy Massager to be so extraordinarily effective. The vibration is not a "buzzy" vibration often associated with some personal massagers. The deep "rumbly" vibration of the Doxy allows stimulation to carry into the body. Very effective when used alone but equally delightful if you let your partner take control and tease you with it.

Penetrative vibrations are also fabulous and will work to hit that g-spot just inside. So for vaginal orgasms as opposed to clitoral orgasms then look no further than our Classic Vibrators or our compact and powerful Bullet Vibrators – there’s a great selection depending on what style colour and size you are after but this award winning Rocks Off I luv It Leopard Bullet Vibrator delivers vibrations that tease and tantalise throughout its 3 inch length. It's the perfect handbag toy because hey ‘me’ time doesn’t have to stay in the bedroom. It can also be used in water or with your partner for exciting foreplay variations.

And you cannot go far wrong with the classic Classic Jessica Rabbit Vibrator complete with dual shaft rotation offering rotating pearls and pendulum action. The pearl beads offer an added delight, but the soft vibrating rabbit ears really do work on building a clitoral orgasm that will make you want muffle the ecstatic cries – especially if the neighbours have opted for their Mother’s Day lunch at home.

So with some very handy products waiting to pleasure you, then all you may need to do now is provide a handy little nudge to say that you may want more than flowers and lukewarm tea this year!