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What to Consider When Stripping in Public

What to Consider When Stripping in Public

What to Consider When Stripping in Public

By Elena Ognivtseva

Stripping in public is one of the top fantasies of women. As a woman that actually worked as an "exotic dancer" many moons ago I can see both sides of this.

At the time I was in a very serious relationship with a man who liked to visit strip clubs. I was only 18, very feisty and very jealous of his little hobby. I believed it was completely normal (which it is for some) and that I was the one with a problem as I had feelings of insecurity, jealousy and unworthiness every time he ogled another.

Although I ran my own business during the day, I took a job as a barmaid in an exclusive nightclub to earn some extra cash. While there, one floor of the nightclub was converted into a strip club for Friday nights only and as I already danced fully clothed on the podiums they asked if I'd help out.

It was only until they had built up a name and got girls begging for a job, so it wasn't a long term job, however it certainly erased my fantasy of what's involved.

Now there are "open nights" where any woman brave enough can get on the stage and strip to an audience. This is becoming a pastime for couples who like to add spice, as the boyfriends love the idea of seeing their girl been ogled by many knowing they'll be taking her home. It's the ultimate man's fantasy, taking home the stripper, but in reality it goes oh so wrong - most of the time.

Here's what you need to know whether you're the stripper or the partner:

Men Won't Just Ogle

This maybe a fantasy that has been created privately by the two of you but once on that stage, your girlfriend will no longer belong to you. Every man in that audience (and woman) owns her. She is there's for the duration and they can shout and heckle all they like. They won't be quiet. Although it's forbidden they will try and touch and any women present won't be very nice. In fact they can be downright bitchy.

Be prepared to give up yourself and your girlfriend's body and respect for a while.

The Men Aren't Hunks

In your fantasy you probably imagine an audience of Tom Hardy, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and James Mcavoy. Think again. Good looking men are few and far between; normally when they are present they're with a bunch of mates, loud and immature in order to cover their embarrassment. The majority are older, maybe they do have money to spare but they're not god's gift to women by any stretch of the imagination.

You Could See Someone You Know

One of my most embarrassing moments was when a good friend of my dad's turned up. My father would have hit the roof if he had known. I managed to keep him quiet but I think this was only because he knew that no matter how much trouble I'd be in, he'd also face my father's wrath as a pervert twice my age ogling his baby daughter!

Once won't hurt but be prepared for jealousy, insecurity and rage on the boyfriends side. Sometimes when this fantasy comes true they don't like to be reminded that more people than just them find you sexy as hell!