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How to Take Sex Toys on Holiday

How to Take Sex Toys on Holiday

For most of us, there is nothing more awesome than having your sex toys during your holiday gateway. It adds so mystic playfulness that simply out of this world. However, getting your sex toys past airport security can be an overwhelming idea especially if you are not sure how to go about it. After all, the last thing you need is to be scrutinized in public about your personal items.

By Tatyana Dyachenko

How to Take Sex Toys on Holiday

You deserve a happy and fulfilling sex life, so never feel ashamed for wanting to bring your sex toys on vacation.

Here are some tips to help you plan ahead if you want to take your toys with you on the next trip.

  1. Opt for Discrete Sex Toys

Always invest in those sex-toys that look nothing like a sex-toy to avoid the airport X-ray picking up on a product that is X-rated. This means that you might want to avoid dildos because it’s rare to find them in discrete designs. But other sex toys like vibrators have plenty of discrete designs in the market. You will find some shaped like lipsticks, necklaces, body massagers, USB sticks and more. Always bear in mind not to buy too obscure or weapon-like-shaped sex toys; these will get extra attention from security.

  1. Remove the batteries from vibrators and electro sex toys

You have definitely heard of airport horror stories where a vibrator spontaneously turns on during security checks; it’s a red-faced embarrassment you sure want to avoid.   While most vibrators have travel lock options, you really don’t want to risk it. So it is just safer if you remove the batteries completely than be sorry. Another reason to remove batteries even when you are not traveling is to avoid them corroding the toy and draining the battery life. A drained battery can be most annoying especially when you are in the moment and the toy dies on you.

Most batteries allowed in air travel, but some airlines may have restrictions on alkaline batteries. So it helps to check the airline regulations of the if AAA and AA batteries _ most common sex toys batteries are allowed.

But just in case, it is advisable to always buy rechargeable sex toys as all you need to pack is the charger or USB cable, which is allowed in all airlines.

  1. Keep lubes and lotions in small potions

This is especially important if you are planning to take your sex lube with you. Most airports have a strict rule on how much liquids you are allowed to travel with. So make sure to pack about around 100 ML or less. Anything more and may need to give it up for disposal_ and this includes even 250 ML bottles that are half-full.  So might want to pour into a smaller container or buy travel-friendly lube sachets. 

It is also important to keep in mind that you should pack your liquids in a see-through plastic bag. This allows the security to inspect without having their hands all over your bottle for hygiene purposes. Don’t forget to seal your bottles tightly to avoid spills either in the bag or during inspections.

  1. Consider Travel-Friendly versions your best sex-toys when purchasing

If you are a guy who loves taking some fun bedroom moments with you as you travel, then you want to think about this when purchasing sex toys.  Buying small and discrete versions of your favorites will go a long way in giving you an easier time in the airport.  Sex toys like cock rings, bullet vibrators, and small butt plugs are great for hand luggage as they take up smaller space and are not so obvious. You can get mini-version of most sex toys including the magic wand here at Peaches and Screams. As a guy looking to take your Fleshlight, choose a sleeve instead, it offers you the same sensations but is less obvious in case of a hand luggage search. It also does not have the hard plastic shell cover that makes it bulky.

You may also want to consider the cheaper versions of your favorite toys for travel to avoid losing so much money in case it is confiscated or it is damage. Imagine losing a $200 magic wand or vibrator to the airport security or breakage!

How to Take Sex Toys on Holiday

  1. Be Extra careful about bondage

Bondage toys including floggers, paddles, and whips can be quite tricky to get through the airport as they are mostly classified as weapons and will be confiscated. However, you will find it easier to travel with non-metallic handcuffs, hoods, nipple clamps and rope. But it is advisable that you pack them together in their original labeled bags to let the security officer know what they are for. Avoid putting them in your hand luggage_ check-in briefcase will be more ideal, although they might also be confiscated; it is never a surety that you will get through with them in both your departure and destination airports.  If this is not a risk you are willing to take, it will be better to just leave them in the safety of your bedroom.

But this does not mean you completely forgo bondage during your vacation. Some light items such as bondage tape, feather ticklers, and blindfolds are considered non-threatening and most okay for air travel, but this is large to their individual discretion especially on tape. If questioned, just keep your head high, smile and calmly tell the officers these are your personal items, there is no shame in it. Believe me; they have seen all this before.

  1. Check the legality of your toys in your destination country

Sex customs and freedoms vary around the world, so you might want to find out the rules and regulations about the country of destination before you pack your toys. Many countries, especially in southern America, Asia, and Africa, prohibit porn images and adult toys, in most it is a criminal offense to even poses one. This applied for many key vacation destination countries like Malaysia, Maldives, Dubai, the UAE, the Cayman Islands, Thailand and most Africa countries. If traveling to the United States, you are safe except in Alabama which does not allow sale or use of sex toys.

But if it happens and your luggage is confiscated, be honest and calm. If encounter any unprofessional treatment and harassment, be sure to file a formal complaint at the local embassy. No one should ever be ashamed or humiliated for being bold enough to enjoy healthy sex life.

  1. Consider Shipping the sex-toys to your destination

This is only for those who might be shy to travel with their sex toys in person. Shipping to your destination is an easier and safer way to enjoy your sex toys during your vacation. You can do this by addressing the package to your hotel or host as ask them to hold it for you until you arrive. This also makes a safer way to transport expensive sex toys.

Now you have tips you enjoy your sex toys during your special gate away with your lover. Visit Peaches and Screams for discrete toys, cock rings, small butt plugs, bullet vibrators, magic wand, and every sex to make your night extra erotic. You deserve every happiness in this world!

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