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How to Travel With Sex Toys, According To Experts

How to Travel With Sex Toys, According To Experts

By Ekaterina Mironova

Traveling with sex toys can be scary. All you can imagine is the shocking embarrassment you will get when airport security pulls out your toys in public. Things can be even worse if you bring your toys to a country that prohibits them. You might end up paying a fine, detained or even worse deported and flagged for future entries. But this should not keep you from enjoying a beautiful well-planned unwinding and erotic vacation with your partner.

For those who travel for work frequently, you will need one or two of your favorites to love yourself when your partner is miles away and you can’t go looking for love from strangers, right!

No worries, whatever your travel needs, Peaches and Screams understand your hassles. We are here to give you expert traveling tips that will help you travel with your sex toys more safely.

Consider These Ten Tips When Planning For Your Travel with Sex Toys

  1. Take Out the Toy Batteries

Trust me, the last thing you need is your vibrator going off in the bag or during security checks. This might tip the security to thinking you want to blow up the plan. Peaches and Scream experts say that removing the batteries gives you extra confidence that your motor won’t go off anytime during your travel.  It so makes sure you won’t have dead batteries when you land, which can be a deal-breaker.

But remember to pack the batteries as your pack the sex toys. Do so in a clear plastic bag and carry some extras. It also helps to check the airline regulation on alkaline batteries because some might have restricts. In this case, pack rechargeable toys instead.

  1. Consider Toys With Locks

You can also use the toy power lock to prevent it from going off in your bag or when being handled by security.  This is mostly important for rechargeable sex toys that have built-in batteries. Most of the high-quality rechargeable comes with a lock that prevents them from going off unless removed by the safety button or actual key.  So the lock is a feature you should consider when buying sex toys if you plan to travel with them.

For sex toys without the lock, you might want to let the battery run down before packing to save yourself any sudden embarrassments.

  1. Pack Your Toy In Thee Checked Luggage

Experts say parking your luggage in check luggage might be the safest way to get through airport security. It will still be checked, but if they need to open it, you will not be in public saving you any discomfort. Be sure to pack them in a clear plastic bag and keep them close to the top to avoid them taking out all the contents of your suitcase in case they need to verify their safety. This also avoids you looking like an offender trying to hide under the cloths.

  1. Buy Small And Discreet Sex Toys

How to Travel With Sex Toys, According To Experts

Peaches and Screams experts say that bringing small-sized sex toys and are discreet is the best way to travel with toys. So you might want to avoid penis dildos and rabbit vibrators and instead go for more discreet toys such as a mini wand, bullet vibrators, and vibrators in the body massager category. Even if they put in the X-ray scanner, they will not figure out what it is and you can simply explain that these are your personal items.

  1. Buy Small Amounts of Lubes and Sexual Lotions

Most airports have size restrictions on the liquids.  For many, you cannot carry more than 100 ML. Peaches and Screams recommend you buy special small-sized lubes for travel. You can also get lube in sachets which make it more hygienic as you only use it once and throw away. The last thing you want is an infection coming from contaminated lubricants.  And if you want more supplies while away, you can always order here at Peaches and Screams and we will be delighted to ship them to your location.

Water-based lubricants are more travel-friendly as they can be used with different sex toy materials. So you might want to get started on them a month or a few weeks before traveling to find your perfect much if you don’t use them ordinarily.

  1. Don’t Forget to Pack Plenty of Your Favourite Condoms

Peaches and Screams in-house experts agree that the size and quality of condoms vary from country to country. Hence, it is only advisable that you pack plenty of your favorite brands of condoms beforehand. You don’t want the temptation of unprotected sex in the heat of that special moment or be stuck with a too small or too large size.

For those planning to have sex with new people during vacation, be sure to bring different sizes and brands. You never know what sizes and preferences you will find there!

  1. Always Go For Quiet Toys

How to Travel With Sex Toys, According To Experts

You are never sure how thin the walls are made in the other country!  Peaches and Screams recommend you bring silent toys so you can enjoy your moments without worrying if the people next door can hear your awesome escapades. While it is true must hotels have soundproofed or thick walls, it never hurt to be private. It is the sweetest part of sex anyway.

  1. Buy Toys with USB Plugs

This is especially for those traveling abroad.  Keep in mind that different countries have different plugs and voltages. That means you might need a plug adapter plus a current regulator for your rechargeable toys that use plug-in charges. However, toys with USB- chargeable ports can simply be recharged using your laptop or USB in-built wall ports, which are becoming quite common globally.  

  1. Verify Country Rules On Sex Toys

Before traveling, always be sure to verify the country’s rules on sex toys as they vary from country to country. Some many have fair penalties such as payment of fines while others might be more brutal with detention and deportation, so be careful. If going to the US, you will have an easy time except for Alabama State where sex toys are illegal. Other countries that have extreme rules on sex toys are Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, The Cayman Island, Malaysia, Dubai, and the United Arabs Emirate. Also, be extra careful with most Asian and Africa conservative countries. Traveling with sex toys here might be a risky business. 

  1. Stay Calm and Cool in Case Of a Check

Even when you have done everything right, you might still be asked to open your bag and answer some questions by airport security. Always keep calm, breath and smile. Explain to security politely that everything in the bag is your personal items. In case of sexual harassment or unprofessional treatment, do not start a fight but rather report the violation to your country’s local embassy. This will ensure that everything is solved amicably and legally.

Never be afraid to enjoy a healthy sex life, it is a biological human right, although many might to acknowledge that! Visit peaches and screams for travel-friendly high-quality sex toys including dildos, condoms, water-based lubricants, butt plugs, vibrators, and more. We offer guaranteed discreet billing, packaging, and shipping to your destination.

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