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Should You Buy Cheap Sex Toys or High-End Sex Toys? — A Sex Obsessed Discussion

Should You Buy Cheap Sex Toys or High-End Sex Toys? — A Sex Obsessed Discussion

Should You Buy Cheap Sex Toys or High-End Sex Toys? — A Sex Obsessed Discussion

By Tatyana Dyachenko


If you find yourself obsessed with sex as of late, then you’re probably not getting enough of it, or are not experiencing the orgasmic intensity that you should be having. The perfect solution is to multiply your collection of sex toys! A sex toy is made for sexual enhancement and can help single individuals just as easily as it can help couples stuck in a rut.

Cheap Sex Toys Can Be Cool

Sex toys do have a bit of a gamey reputation and that’s probably due to the high number of cheap sex toys available on the market. You know the ones, the cheap dildos and vibrators, the inflatable women and the “sleeves” that promise to get you off while concentrating on images of dolphins, mermaids and various other strange things. Cheap sex toys do have their charms; they are budget-friendly and, for the most part, do get the job done.

We love the idea of sex toys, but we also love the idea of cheap. We just want something titillating, efficient, and dare we say even a bit creative. The problem is most of the cheap sex toys on the market are not creative, barely efficient and about as sexy as a balloon with a woman’s face on it.

The Element of Danger and Sad Orgasms

Worse yet, some of the cheap sex toys out there are downright dangerous. We shouldn’t have to remind you that the genitals are a very tender part of the body, and are very vulnerable to traumatic force, which could result in everything from infection to ruptured blood vessels.

Furthermore, most cheap sex toys—even if they are safe—are simply inefficient in producing the type of pulse-pounding orgasms you want. They have weak vibrating motors and “suction” that hardly feels real. Remember also that cheap sex toys are often discontinued items, which are hardly reliable. (The manufacturer probably doesn’t have a guarantee on defective products.)

Investing Could Be Worth It!

High-end sex toys are creatively designed and often times very discreet. They are much more efficient in terms of vibrating power and innovative design. (For example, hands free sex toys that allow for grinding/thrusting motion as well as vibration/suction.) They have superior battery power as well as durability and longevity. With items like the LELO and the We-Vibe ranges, you can actually take your kinky experience underwater in a spa or tub with a myriad of functions too.

The point is, if you want a quality sex toy that gives you above average orgasms, and with a guarantee of safety, it’s no secret that investing a bit more will be an investment worth making in the long run. Class your sex life up with a high-end sex toy!

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