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Most people know the basic dildo but are not informed of the magic squirting dildos. Incorporate squirting dildos into your sex plays and experience mind-blowing sensations. 

If you want to have that feeling of emptying a man’s balls, you can get this new and most advanced sex toy. Squirting dildos will give you exciting moments if you like having your moments end wet. Furthermore, they will make you feel your sexual desires are fulfilled. This article will guide you on what to consider before and while buying the squirting sex dildo.

Squirting Dildos

Squirting dildos have special charming magic that is missing in the regular dildo. They help you get wet and soapy for a nice experience. The dildo is filled with some fluid that is flavored, realistic, and edible. This makes you feel the real sensation of oral sex. The squirting is the new final jizz you've been yearning to have that the normal dildo can not offer. This gives you an entirely a new experience to the ladies who are used to the dry dildos.

How to Use the Squirting Dildo

The squirting and ejaculating dildos are not hard to use. The only difference is that they come with a cum-like fluid to be filled to the brim. The first thing you need to do is load up the fluid to the required amount so that you are not left with thrust when you climax. The second step is to lubricate the dildo to get sexual satisfaction. Most manufacturers provide the lube but get some silicone or water-based lube depending on your squirting sex dildo if you don't have one. According to Wilson et al. (2017), lubricants are used during procreative intercourse to moderate the amount of wetness in the genitals.  With all the set, you are good to start the game; when you reach the climax, press the button, start squeezing the pump, and continue doing the same to let your fake boy release the semen. Remember, the fake cum is edible; you can have a lick of it and then massively finish your stimulation.

Things To Consider While Getting a Squirting Dildo


Belawski & Sojka (2014) stated that selecting the right dildo is important. Like any other dildo, size should be considered in the squirting dildo. Therefore, you have to choose one that will serve your needs. A squirting dildo measures up to 12 inches. If you are an average-sized person, a 6 inches dildo might be good.

In contrast, if you are interested in the oral flavors, a smaller dildo is fine. If you desire slight penetration, the average size can work well. People who desire deep strokes and getting drenched after the amazing session should go for the way larger squirting dildos because they will store some more of the fluid. The squirting dildos have all your interests covered. 

Materials and the Surface

There are many dildos in the market made of low and high quality. Materials can be nonporous and porous. According to Rubin et al. (2019), porous dildos are hard to clean, and they are advised not to be used by more than one person to prevent the spread of bacteria causing infection.

There are squirting dildos made of expensive materials such as silicone which are flexible and therefore liked by most people. According to Marrazzo, Coffey, & Bingham (2005), silicone dildos are one of the most commonly used dildos. They are non-porous, and they will give you ample time when washing. Confirm that you are not allergic to the material and handle yourself with care to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Materials such as metal-made and glass-made dildos. According to McCarthy (1991), glass dildos are very rigid. They are ideal for people used in hard-core plays to get their satisfaction. They are not advisable for beginners. Veterans are also required to handle dildos made of these materials with a lot of care to avoid injuries. Also, get a nice lube for the dildo.


The squirting dildo comprises different bases; you will have to choose the one that can work best for you. The bases include; plain dildos, ones with balls, flared, and suction bases. The plain-based dildo is good for the people who want to use it manually by having a grip on it, while those with balls are ideal if you look for the real feeling of the manhood inside you. On the other hand, suction bases are ideal for those who want full pleasure and different sex positions trial. This is enabled by its capability to stick on surfaces, including the walls. The flared ones have an O-ring that allows them to be harnessed, giving you an extra experience.


There are different ways in which squirting dildos do the delivery. One is through the syringe. But this is not efficient because you will have a trembling orgasm and force you to have hand coordination which might not work well. The second way is by using a squeezing bulb. This option needs to be squeezed to release the liquid. Similarly, there are many ways the squirting dildo can deliver the liquid.


After knowing what you like and how you can get one that fits your liking, you will be able to consider the one that best works for you, hence not bound to regrets later. Make advancement in your solo make out to stand out by getting a squirting dildo for yourself. Remember to clean the dildo in the right way. You can use warm soapy water to kill the germs and bacteria and store it well to keep away from germs and bacteria causing infections. This will make it last for long.


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