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The human body is full of surprises, especially in sex issues. Herein is the unexpected male erogenous you need to know, including; nipples, the neck, lips, ears, and the p-spot.

Topics on erogenous spots have been female-biased over time. However, with increased sexual awareness, the male erogenous zones are often talked about. This blog features all you need to know concerning male erogenous zones like the neck, lips, ears, back of the knee, nipples, and p-spot. 

According to Nummenmaa et al. (2016), erogenous zones are considered the most sensitive parts of the human body. Both genders have pleasure spots that induce arousal and lead to orgasms in extreme situations. These zones can be rubbed, massaged, or licked for sensations. Women, understanding the tiny places on your husband's bodies is key to happy sex life. People tend to give more attention to the female body during sex than men. Most ladies focus on the penis or scrotum during lovemaking. The secret is men love when ladies take charge and explore pleasure spots that give them thrilling sensations. 

You might be familiar with your partner's body, but discovering other thrilling spots can spark your sex life or induce new pleasure sources.

What Are Male Erogenous Zones?

The body is packed with sensitive nerves that perform varying functions. Some sensitive nerves in the human body are meant for sexual arousal. These zones increase sexual drive or moods when well stimulated. Erogenous zones are specific body parts or areas that derive sexual arousal when rubbed. Some sensitive zones offer a wild sensual sensation resulting in orgasm. Some people believe that women have more erogenous zones; G-spot, clitoris, nipples, inner thighs, butt cheeks, and breast, while in men, the penis is the common zone, as Younis & Maamoun (2016) noted. However, there are more erogenous zones in men that you may ignore during sex. 

Did you know you can seduce your partner and turn him on without contact with the genitals? Knowing the right places to touch a man helps keep him sexually satisfied. Discover thrilling erogenous zones for hot encounters with your man below; 


Most couples focus on caressing, kissing, or licking the female nipples, as Sarhadi et al. (1996) stated. Men have nerves around their nipples that can be the key to heightened sexual pleasures when well stimulated. Indulge in nipple play with your man for foreplay or even during sex. Rub your hands across his nipples in a circular motion, and bite them gently as you suck one nipple to the other to arouse him. Repeat the process as you get more creative in your sucking till you feel the nipples getting hard. Playing with the nipples will give your man a hard-on and leave him begging for sex. 


The lips are the most sensitive parts in most males. They are loaded with numerous sensitive nerves and are easily accessible during sex. The mucous membrane of the lips is connected to dense nerve endings supported by a thin skin layer. The slightest contact with a man's lips triggers exciting sensuality in women. 

Focusing on lips and tongue as you kiss will turn your guy on and make him have sensational feelings. Start with light kisses on his cheeks or around the lips till you hear him moaning for the full lip to lip contact to steam the moment. Get nasty as you suck both the lower and upper lips in turns. Learning some kissing techniques can elevate the whole feisty mood. Kissing is healthy and can be done in any sex play; enhance your focus on these erogenous zones for more fun with your guy.

The Neck

The neck is an obvious sensitive area for women, as Agyeman et al. (2019) stated. Men can react similarly to women when caressed, kissed, or sucked on their necks. The neck is one of the secret male erogenous zones that can leave nay man shivering and breathing faster due to the exciting, sensual thrills. The back of the neck and sideways is more sensitive as the skin is full of nerve endings. Cares his neck from the top to downwards as you gently kiss the neck nape, ear lobes, and side during lovemaking. Light bites on the neck would not harm your husband. Top up the session with a slow suck on the throat as you rub the sides. 


Have you ever been kissed on the ears? You need to replicate the sensations that flowed through your man's spine. Ears are sensitive and can make a guy hard with a light stroke or kiss on the earlobes. Whisper sweet or dirty words in his ear as you breathe into him to make it more exciting. Trail your fingers on the ears as you stroke him lightly. The ears are sensitive erogenous zones to concentrate on during sexual acts like foreplay. Light kisses, bites, sucks, and licking can sexually arouse him and sex the mood for steamy encounters. 

The P-Spot

The prostate glands are hidden erogenous zones that, when stimulated, can quickly lead to orgasms in men. The p-spot is an internal sensitive area located in the male anus around the penis base. Not all men are of the idea of getting rubbed inside their anus. Ensure you talk to your man before trying to hit the p-spot to avoid unintended conflicts. Consent and safety are essential when rubbing the prostate glands. To have easy access to the p-spot, get your man lying on his back on the bed with his legs spread but bent on the knees. You can stimulate the p-spot externally by applying pressure using your hands or insert your finger slowly to rub the inner hand to bump you feel in his ass. Take your time, and use lubes when focusing on this erogenous zone. 

Back of The Knees

The skin on the back of men's knees is lighter and smoother, making it a suitable erogenous zone for sexual arousal. Kiss him lightly on this part as you caress his inner thighs. Use your fingers to rub the knee back in circular motions gently. 


Males have numerous erogenous zones that, when given maximum attention, can easily turn him on and trigger hot orgasms. The above are among the top zones for seductive and arousal pleasure for women looking to set the mood for their men's adventures without touching the penis. Consent is key before you explore your lover's body.


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