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8 Of The Naughtiest Sex Festivals & Events In The World

8 Of The Naughtiest Sex Festivals & Events In The World

8 Of The Naughtiest Sex Festivals & Events In The World

Do you want to enjoy your summer in a unique style celebrating the most interesting sex events worldwide? Couples attend such events for various reasons such as fun, curiosity, or elevating their love life. This article has collected eight major sexy festivals and yearly events in the globe through which you can acquire some sex taste similar to how locals do it.

The Most Erotic Sex Festivals And Events in The World

German Fetish Ball Weekend; Berlin

Happening in Berlin, zie Germans are extremely possessed with their German fetish ball weekend. You’ll find the globe’s most fetish and BDSM celebration every year in April or May. If you attend, be sure to realize fantastic fashion shows, guests in leather and latex or lace, and unbelievably live sex performances. This event is held by celebrities, including Kari Berg, and hosted by the Ceremonies Mistress.

New Orleans Burlesque Fest; New Orleans, Usa

This event is perfect for people fanning burlesque held every September. The event is celebrated in history as the first burlesque modern revival center and a bawdy performance hub in the mid-40s. While the event lacks a competitive aspect, it's attended by performers from around the world yearning to acquire the title 'Queen of Burlesque'. The event also composes workshops and exhibitions, including real New Orleans-style parties.

Festival Of Wonderful Sex; Sydney, Australia

This festival was first held in 2011. The event organizers invite individuals to ask themselves questions such as "What’s good sex for you?" "What do you need or not need to do for making it come true?" and so much more. People get to explore these questions in interactive workshops, such as the 'hold me tight' workshop that mainly could involve hugging. It can also be a 'making a non-traditional relationship work' workshop to 'Multidimensional sexual photography'. At this point, if you're making your way under, why not go ahead with the wonderful sex to see what it looks like?

Shinto Kanamara Matsuri; Kawasak, Japan

From the name, it means the festival of the Steel Phallus, which began in 1977. People say it was grounded on Legends told in the 17th century. The tale on how it came to being was a sharp-toothed demon got attracted to a beautiful lady but got rejected. As a result, this demon took revenge on her lovers' anatomy. This only stopped after an intelligent blacksmith used a steel phallus to damage the demon's teeth. Ever since, visitors come from all over the globe to pay tribute to Phallus via a lot of stuff, including parades and penis-shaped lollipops. Recently, the event has grown into a matter revolving around sex health awareness and LGBTQ rights.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival; Seattle, USA

The three-day spring art festival was founded in 2002 by erotic art artists in Seattle. Your eyes are shown provocative stuff of all forms. For example, erotic burlesque films, sexy films, after-hours parties, and workshops, after which you’ll come to realize that sex is the vertical appearance of horizontal urges. You'll also enjoy raunchy readings, erotic short movies, and titillating burlesque, all of which will end up in a mere dance party-branded late-night festival after watching porn in dance for three good days.

Kutemajrvi Sex Festival; Kangasniemi, Finland

The event is annually held in July in a small village. It may accompany live bands or lectures by well-recognized sexuality professionals. However, it also showcases numerous sexy dancers plus other performers. You’ll mainly be attracted by the ‘Afrodite Contest’ that doesn’t appear near the usual beauty pageant.

Folsom Street Fair; San Francisco, Usa

This fabulously celebrated event happens every September. It features San Fransisco Leather Pride Week. Additionally, it's currently the third-largest single-day outdoor event for spectators. The event is a summer block party covering around 13 blocks. It composes public floggings, live music, carnival games, food stalls, and attendants gagged, bound, and clothed in leather and latex outfits.

Nudes A Poppin’; Roselawn, IN

Happens in a family nudist resort called the Ponderosa Sun Club. It's popularly known for its annual nude beauty pageant. Attractive women from all over the world contest for the Miss Nude Galaxy title, which happens in Indiana with Ron Jeremy as the judge. More interestingly, there's a wet t-shirt contest, erotic dancing, random lewd acts, and 'screaming O' competition. The performances dub it a raunchier vacay for a memorable time.

The Bottom Line

The above sex events and expos are fun and friendly to a community of open-minded and amicable individuals. Suppose you attend or visit any of them, it’s best to sort reading on adults’ only content resorts since they’re seamless for adventurous partners with an urge to explore. You may think of inviting your significant others. At first, they may find it weird seeing you in another guy’s arms, being touched all over. Well, that’s normal, but it may not be appealing to them. Your partner may feel jealous, but if the same is done to them, don’t show any jealous feelings. Later, things may change after getting involved in several events. For more knowledge about the best erotic festivals to attend for your holiday, please go through the above article. Perhaps it could inspire more on what to prioritize and who knows what it might just do to your sexual life?