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Beginner’s Guide To Water Sports

Beginner's Guide To Water Sports

Beginner's Guide To Water Sports

By Ekaterina Mironova

Public urination is a crime that warrants a few fines and some jail term depending where you are caught doing it. However, urination can be a great sexually gratifying experience for you and your partner. It is definitely called a golden shower because of its color; but also because gold is for royalty. Starting off may be difficult because of the societal judgments about it, but once you get over the noise you may just find something very beautiful and worth engaging in.


  • Before indulging, always know your partner’s status as urine can facilitate Hepatitis B.
  • Drink a lot of water before the play session; you do not want a case where you fall short of your duty.
  • Avoid strenuous activity that may lead to dehydration before the session.
  • Never drink urine if you are dehydrated.
  • Always sterilize any equipment that you will use during the session.
  • Do not use any diuretic drugs as part of your play.
  • Always ensure that your partner is a willing participant in the game by discussing your intentions beforehand.

Starting Out

Beginner's Guide To Water Sports - Golden Showers and Urination in Sex

There are so many forms of watersports fetish that not all can be covered in one guide. However, the most common ones are as follow;

Some people like the feel of urinating on themselves when they are fully clothed while others prefer to watch someone else do it. Others like watching, undetected, as someone takes a leak. This is especially if it is in a public or semi public place. Some people just like watching a woman squat and pee in a public or semi public place without the need for hiding. Others like the feel of the pee running through their hands. While these are generally classified as strange behavior, it is a well known fact that the body wants what it wants. In this guide, we focus on watersports as a couples play.


Beginner's Guide To Water Sports - Golden Showers and Urination in Sex

Once you have chosen to indulge in the golden shower scene, here are a couple of positions that make for a great play.

Cataracts of the Nile

The woman lies on her back and spreads her legs open, with the man kneeling between them. From this position, he pees directly onto her clitoris.

Log in the Amazon

With the girl on top, some foreplay starts off and when the man is ready, the woman squats over his penis. From here, she pees while stroking up and down his shaft.

Fountain of Venus

When her bladder is completely filled up, the woman sits with her legs draped over his shoulders. As he is performing oral sex on her, she pees directly into his mouth completely emptying her bladder.

Watering the Oak Tree

This technique requires some practice as it applies a bit of pressure on the woman’s urethra. With the man lying on his back, the woman squats and sits on his penis. From here, she pees on him.

Flooding the Cave

After ejaculating, the man stays in the spooning position and waits for his full bladder to empty out. Urinating in this position may take a bit of time so patience is a necessary virtue in this case.

Golden Shower

This is the most known technique of all, and its name is synonymous with watersports in general. One partner stands while the other kneels, sits or lies down. From the high vantage point, the pee is released, aptly covering the other partner.

Spitting Snake

This one takes the line shove my dick in your face to the literal level. With the partner’s face against the dick, they open their mouth to receive a dose of some warm liquid fun.

Human Urinal

For those with a little aiming challenge, a funnel gag is tied on the partner. The piss is then directed into the funnel, ensuring that no drop misses its intended mark.

Self Peeing

This is masturbation as an art form. First you lie on your back then prop up your lower back. To get the genitals above your face, prop the legs against the wall. Once in position, open wide and drink up.

Watersports may not be for everyone but for those who have a taste for it, it may make the difference between an okay session and an intensely orgasmic experience.