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Can a Baby Save a Relationship?

Can a Baby Save a Relationship?

Can a Baby Save a Relationship?

By Ksenia Sobchak

With the news of the baby boom about to hit Britain we wondered where all these new babies were coming from. It can't simply be the rainy summers keeping us indoors can it? It's probably a mixture of factors but if you've ever watched Jeremy Kyle you'll know that many babies are born in a bid to save a failing relationship.

The Myth

It's not just women who think having a baby will keep their lover closer, many possessive men also demand to ride bareback as they know that by getting their girl pregnant they'll keep them close for quite a while. Each sex has their own ideas on how a baby will benefit them.

The women – Women imagine their man turning into a sensitive love god where during pregnancy he'll brave the snow at 2am just to get ice cream and he'll rub her feet with oils at the end of a busy day. They dream of him giving up the majority of his nights with the lads and opting instead for cosy nights in where they plan the nursery décor. They then imagine him falling instantly in love with the baby and their family becoming complete as they share feeds and cuddle as a threesome marvelling at the wonder of the baby they've created together. In short the reason many women get pregnant to save a relationship is they think they man will change into what they want.

The men have other ideas; possessive men see it as a way to exert control. To tie themselves indefinitely to the woman so they are never far from her thoughts. They see it as a way to be able to do mostly what they like without the usual threat of the woman leaving them. They also believe becoming a mother will make their girl unattractive to anyone else, thus stopping them having to make an effort to keep them.

The Reality

For women - What these women on Jeremy Kyle need to realise is that it is more likely that a baby will bring out the worst in a man. He may freak with the responsibility and try to reclaim control with wild nights out, or he may disappear altogether. If he doesn't he's unlikely to give foot rubs and comfort if it wasn't his style before. Then when the baby is born he'll become jealous of the attention along with being frustrated by the lack of sex. Couples will argue more than they did before as the woman tries to mould him into her ideal and he constantly fails. Add this to very little sleep, sore breasts, stretch marks; genitals that resemble chopped liver and a two month period and you've got one miserable situation.

For men - Men often underestimate the strength of women and in a lot of cases the plan to own their woman through pregnancy often backfires. Of course some women are terrified of being on their own, however a woman with few insecurities and a clear idea of right and wrong will use this opportunity to ditch the loser. When a baby is born the majority of women feel an instant bond and suddenly the immature possessive boyfriend seems insignificant in comparison. Although the woman may have been happy to be treated badly by this douche bag, if she has any sense she won't allow him the chance to inflict his warped wisdom on the innocent baby.

We're lucky in this day and age as being a single parent isn't frowned upon like it once was and although many will think it's a travesty that the amount of single parents is rising, personally we think this is amazing as it shows how women are taking control and providing only the best for their bundles of joy.