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Controversial Ways to Naturally Increase Female Libido

Controversial Ways to Naturally Increase Female Libido

Controversial Ways to Naturally Increase Female Libido

By Ksenia Sobchak

The majority of women experience a dip in their libido at some point in their lives and the causes can be legion. Pressures of work, family commitments and other household chores seem to take priority over a couples right to enjoy sex. Medications and life events such as births or deaths can also have a dramatic impact; however there are ways to take control naturally.

Unfortunately as yet there is no wonder drug for the female libido, however trials do continue. Some women may find that balancing their hormones works well whereas others can never put a finger on just why they don’t feel that desire.

Reintroduce Yourself to You!

It may seem like a counterproductive act, however, remember when you first discovered you could give yourself great orgasms on your own? It’s true that the more we orgasm the more we actually crave that climax so why not partake in a little self-pleasure? It’s much easier to organise than sex with a partner and who knows after a few weeks of pleasuring yourself daily you may be ready for a bit of company!

Give your Guy a Makeover

There’s so much emphasis on women reinventing themselves to please their aging partners that we often forget that the men need to make an effort to please us too! Of course we know that wearing our favourite dressing gown and bunny slippers won’t turn him on, but does he know you’re turned off by the sight of him in his “comfy” boxer shorts that allow his middle aged paunch to hang free? It may seem controversial to some, but don’t ignore the situation as maybe your lack of sex drive is due to the fact that your partner doesn’t make the effort anymore.

Embrace Jealousy

This leads me to the jealous part of our nature. The majority of us would happily live without this emotion as we despise the way it makes us over react whilst giving us feelings of nausea. However, a little jealousy is good for you. If your man is looking great and attracts admiring glances, you’re more likely to look forward to taking them home and having your wicked way with them. This also works both ways, if you dress up and pretend not to notice jaws dropping as you enter a building, you can guarantee your partner will spot every single glance in your direction!

There are also other natural ways you can try such as reducing stress, eating healthily and taking regular exercise (yawn) as well as stocking up on essentials vitamins and minerals like these:


Vitamin B is a good all-rounder as not only will it lift your mood it may help to increase your sex drive too. As sex is as much about the mental stimulation as well as the physical, vitamin B can help make sure your brain is healthy leaving room for that elusive spot that targets your desire.


Just as vitamins are important so too are minerals, Zinc, Selenium and Copper all play a vital part in keep our adrenal glands operating well and when these perform at their best our libido returns. You can target all vitamins and minerals by taking a single multi capsule every morning. It will take about two weeks for you to start noticing a difference.