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Full Guide: How to Buy Novelty Gifts

Full Guide: How to Buy Novelty Gifts

Full Guide: How to Buy Novelty Gifts

By Ksenia Sobchak

When you are in a long-term relationship, your sexual spontaneity tends to decrease. You tend to concentrate on other aspects of life like wealth creation, child bearing, career improvements among others which can be exhausting even for your bedroom. You also tend to assume you know how you like giving and receiving pleasure. But if you are not meeting each other’s sexual desires and goals, your relationship is bound to experience some strain. But even when your relationship is in a good place, novelty gifts bring a magical passion to the bedroom.


Good sex is the foundation of a strong healthy relationship. It gives you an opportunity to connect with each other, communicate and express yourselves in sensual relaxing ways. While there are many ways to rekindle things in the bedroom, novelty gifts can be a fun and silly way to shake up your sex life. Novelty gifts come in different types with each sending a unique erotic message to your partner. Whether you have been married for years or just started dating, well-chosen and timed novelty gifts will help you spice up your sex life. A seemingly silly erotic gift can enlighten your bedroom mood, improve communication and bring you closer to each other. Because when an emotion is presented as a tangible item, it makes more sentimental value than if just said in words.


For every relationship, communication is vital to keep things where they should be. Unless you explicitly let your partner know your personal sexual desires and needs, you will always feel unsatisfied and resentful. Add some fun to your bedroom talks with a pack of jelly willies. Choose teat shaped or penis shaped willies to enjoy some erotica as you talk. This will heighten your sexual senses and help your cosy up to each other as you discuss you day. You are bound to climax the talk with hot steamy sex.

While you might not notice it, women tend to feel unattractive and body sensitive especially after childbirth. Giving you wife candy underwear will let her know that you still love and appreciate her body. A heat change mug with a ‘heart’ or ‘I love you’ tag affirms to her that she is still a queen in your eyes.

For your girlfriend, gift her pair of nipple slippers. She will giggle about them every time she slips them on around the house. Show your playfulness; tease her with a duck with a dick for a bedroom bedside toy. Or get some erotica games and magazines to play over a private dinner. Create simple erotic memories that will put a sexy suggestive smile on her face.


Sometime, the bedroom just goes cold and sex becomes normal and boring. If you are looking to spice up your sex life, giving your partner some glow-in-the-dark cock rings and condoms can help entice them for an intense performance. You can also get her a vaginal vibrator and a warming lubricant. Other exotic sex toys and edible erotic treats will help you explore your bodies in new sensual ways. A surprise chocolate body painting will entice your partner to give you a mouth bath. These supplies pull you away from the bedroom quickie and ushers in well-orchestrated bedroom games that will leave both of you toe-curling with multiple explosive orgasms. Maybe some you haven’t experienced before.

Or you have watched too much Fifty Shades of Grey and you want your ‘Anastasia Steel’ moment. Maybe you have been discussing bondage but haven’t really gotten around it. A bondage beginner kit can be a perfect gift to let your partner know you are ready to kink thing up. Most basic kits have feather ticklers, soft fluffy handcuffs, a flogger and a blindfold. Always start small and build up on the supplies as you get kinkier. Bondage involves a lot of sexual repertoire and can be a rollercoaster of pain and pleasure. Make sure to discuss every step with your partner before indulging.


The amazing thing about novelty gifts is that they brand sex in a funny and silly way that is extremely enjoyable. For those uncomfortable about deep bedroom talks, novelty gifts can be a way to communicate your desires. You just have to find a gift that represents or compliments what you want to say and present it at the right time. The secret lies in understanding your partner’s sense of erotic humour and presenting the gift at a right time. For instant, a branded mug after catching your wife staring at the mirror feeling unattractive will be cherished forever. You can also present novelty gifts on special events such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, marriage anniversaries or any other special day that represents love for both you and your partner.NAUGHTY BACHELORETTE 40-PIECE SEXY WATERPROOF STICK-ON TEMPORARY TATTOOS

For the naughty and explicit, novelty gifts are perfect to express your sensual playfulness and feed your fantasies. At Peaches and Screams, we have everything novelty from willy sweets to novelty puzzles, sexy games, sex toys for adults, sexy lingerie, rude foods and everything else naughty to bring sensual erotica to your bedroom. Peaches and Screams understand that keeping your love and sexual life personal and private is of high importance to you and your partner. We offer discretion in billing, package and shipping to your chosen destination. Add some fun to your sex life with Peaches and Screams novelty gifts. Let him know you want him tonight with a package of nipple willies. If you want to enjoy a nice prostate milking later, send her a pack of butt milk chocolates with a dice dare game. Sometimes, all you need to bring back the sexual flames might be the silliest playful things you never thought of. Order novelty gifts from Peaches and Screams now and bliss your way to an intimate bedroom moment you have never experienced. Re-write your bedroom pleasure; introduce novelty gifts to lighten the bedroom mood. You deserve a happy and passionate sexual lifestyle; claim it now with novelty gifts from Peaches and Screams.