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How Confidence Covers the Wobbly Bits

How Confidence Covers the Wobbly Bits

How Confidence Covers the Wobbly Bits

Whether it’s a one night stand, friends with benefits, or a long term relationship, most of us have hang-ups about our bodies and a wish list as long as our arm of things we’d love to change.

Some of us even translate this into jealousy, seeing a leggy blonde or supermodel on the TV, we believe that our husbands or partners would find us more attractive if only we possessed these attributes.

However it’s not looks that make a one night stand memorable, or leave your husband in the knowledge that he has married the sexiest woman on earth, it’s the confidence, and no matter how clichéd it sounds, it’s a proven fact that this is 100% true.

Keep the Lights On!

You don’t have to be an acrobat in bed with a hundred positions to tease and tempt, you don’t have to be a double D cup just to make his eyes light up with wanting, however it helps if you are confident enough to have sex with the lights on!

To put this into perspective try thinking of your own experiences in bed. Your lover may not have the six pack of Brad Pitt, or the eyes of George Clooney, but when the heat is on does this affect your enjoyment? As he pleases you with his mouth, his tongue, his strokes, do you lay there thinking if only his abs were more clearly defined I’d enjoy this a whole lot more? Or do you surrender to the sensation of touch, just loving the feel of when skin meets skin?

The initial attractions is fine, and if you are lucky enough to be a brunette bombshell with legs up to her armpits you probably find you receive a lot of attention in bars and clubs, however we’re quite certain that your exploits in bed are not too dissimilar to our own.

Fake It!

The trick to confidence is faking it, at least for the first couple of times, adapt a role play mentality and firmly believe that you are the sexiest being to ever grace this green earth. Just like in business, if you believe it everyone else will too. You don’t have to shout it from the rooftops, but holding yourself confidently and understanding your sex appeal goes a long way to reaching your satisfaction destination.

Not only this but if you are more at ease, ignoring your stretch marks and revelling in your cellulite, your partner will be too. They will also have insecurities about their appearance, such as their lack of muscle, their tackle, and their performance. By showing them that these things don’t matter and highlighting that enjoyment is the only thing on your mind, they will visibly relax and you’ll both enjoy the ride.

It’s moments like these that leave a lasting impression on a man. Not the size of your chest or the length of your legs but the way you make him feel during sex, and if you make him feel truly relaxed and comfortable he’ll definitely be back for more.

So do the strip tease, leave the lights on, and rejoice in your wobbly bits, as nothing feels finer than when wobbly bits meet for that sensuous night of pleasure!