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How to Become an Expert Kisser

How to Become an Expert Kisser

How to Become an Expert Kisser - Sexy Kissing Techniques - Tips on Kissing

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Kissing is a very essential part of passion, sex and relationships generally. For many people, after asking out comes kissing, then making out and then sex. Kissing is more or less the first major step in lovemaking even though some people believe that touching kicks things off.

Now, imagine getting the girl of your dreams after a long time of cajoling and then you walk her to her door after the first date, you know she’s expecting some intimate good night, but you don’t know how to go about it, so you just give her a really tight hug and head home. While that might present you as a gentleman to a few girls, we both know it’s because you don’t know the first thing about kissing.

The girls are not left out. You’ve been crushing on him since 5th Grade. You followed him all the way through High school and now College. He finally notices you and you are both in a relationship; your dream came true. He’s trying to get intimate but there is a but, you have never really done this thing, the only time you did, the dude told his crew what a terrible kisser you were.

Don’t worry about any of that, your story is about to change. You’ll move from an amateur to an expert kisser in less than no time. All you’ve got to do is follow these tips below, practice regularly and remain confident.

Becoming an Expert Kisser

The first thing about being an expert kisser is not being a bad one. The don’ts of kissing are pretty straight forward and easy to abide by once you get them.


I don’t know about you, but I will not kiss a person with dry and chapped lips. It’s a no-no. Kissing is supposed to be luscious, soft, juicy, not dry, scrappy, and coarse. Keep yourself hydrated, take a lot of vitamins and use a lip balm regularly, keep those lips moisturized. They have to look kissable. Luckily, Peaches and Screams offers great lip balms at affordable prices; hurry while stock lasts, place your order here.

Oral Hygiene

You probably have attractive lips, you know how to control the lips, tongue, and all but, you are just not kissable. No sane human being wants to put his or her precious lips in a smelly mouth. Floss and gloss is the key here and it’s got to be a daily affair. Frequently check your breath to ensure it’s not bad and if you’ve got a mouth odor, do something about it ASAP.

Finally, keep mints handy, you never know when they could help. Speaking about Mints, Peaches and Screams has this amazing kit that has everything you need for a romantic get-away including breath mint and it is very, very effective.

Tongue Fight

The use of the tongue is supposed to be supple, done with a level of finesse and class. You want your partner to want your tongue; you don’t want them to choke on it (literally). Some people just send in the entire muscle (the tongue) without fear or favor. This is a total turn-off and no one wants to die as a result of bad kissing.


What do you think would happen if we all became saliva donors? Kissing should be juicy, agreed but this doesn’t mean that it should be “salivary”. Your partner is most likely as human as you are and his or her salivary glands are active too. Even if they weren’t, water would be the answer, definitely not your saliva.

Now that the “don’ts” are out of the way, you should do these things if you want to become an expert kisser.

When to Lead and When to Follow

While kissing, it is best to let your partner lead the way especially if you're a woman (because men love to feel like they are in charge). The positive thing about this is that, you would figure out if you both have different techniques and if that is the case, it allows you to understand your partner’s technique.

However, if things seem to be going out of place, for instance if he begins to visit areas that turn you off, you may need to take the steering and show him how you like it.

Kissing is more than just the lips

Agreed, the lips are the first point of contact in the art of kissing, but an expert kisser would know that other parts of the mouth have got one or two roles to play, for instance, the teeth and tongue.

The tongue is used to explore the mouth (see why your mouth should be clean?). The major problem people encounter is when to introduce it. Well, this is dependent on your partner’s preferences but generally, after a few lip exchanges; the tongue comes in gradually until it takes over.

The teeth, well, some people love to have their teeth sucked, emphasis on “some.” There are those who enjoy teasing the lips by attempting to bite it, that’s cool too. Just check with your partner before you attempt it.

Explore other Areas

Kissing is an art that should automatically turn a person on, “should” being the operative word. If you're looking to get your SM (Soul Mate) in the mood for some action, you don’t think you would achieve that by keeping your hands by your side and focusing on the mouth area, do you?

Take your lips off the mouth; kiss the neck, shoulder and chest region (men enjoy this too).


If your partner is doing a great job, let them know and encourage them to do same; good kissing also requires confidence. In the same vein, if there’s something they are not getting right, gently bring t to their attention and correct it.

Many relationships have ended even before they began because of terrible kissing skills. If this is your story, doing the above can change it and if it isn’t following the tips above can make sure it remains that way.