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How to Give a Vaginal Massage

How to Give a Vaginal Massage

How to Give a Vaginal Massage - The Guide To Tantric Yoni Massage

By Ksenia Sobchak

While playing the game of Monogamy, the instruction to give a vaginal massage popped up. I must admit we were quite clueless. However, this week I read a story about a psychologist who is giving his female patients vaginal massages in order to help them overcome emotional barriers.

Now, my first thought was that this man must a) Really love his job and b) Be a bit of a perv. Then again, women go to him willingly, knowing the treatment they will receive, so he's obviously doing something right.

Although I'm not sure I'd like to pay for the therapeutic service, I was quite curious and so looked it up to see what exactly is involved in a vaginal massage. I had visions of kneading and karate chopping much like in a Japanese massage parlour.

In fact I was pleasantly surprised and as I read on I thought it could be quite an enjoyable experience, the next step is to make subtle suggestions so my husband buys into the idea too!

Now here's how to do it:

1) Start with a normal massage. Use oils that are safe to use on genitals or an intimate massage gel. Massage the breasts, the arms and the legs before getting to the area of interest.

2) Your female should be quite relaxed by now. Encourage her to open her legs so you have great access to her full vagina. This will not only give you a visual treat but will help you to access all areas giving you a full view of the clitoris, the vagina, the labia and the mon pubis ( the bit that's often neglected where the pubic hair grows).

3) Begin by making sure it's slippery all over, good lubrication is essential for a great massage. Let your lover relax and stoke the outer labia gently, up and down, taking the lips between your fingers as you slide your thumb and forefinger along. Increase the pressure a little, and use circular motions with your palm on the mons pubic, allowing the skin to move underneath rather than letting your palm slide over the top.

4) Progress to the inner labia, with feather light touches that increase as you go along, then try gently circular motions around a well lubricated clitoris. You can then stroke anywhere, moving back to the clitoris.

5) Next find her G-spot, by placing a finger inside and hooking it towards you in a 'come hither" motion. You should feel something like a walnut sized ball that will feel harder the more you touch. Massage this well (make sure you're well lubricated) and insert more fingers if you think your lover would like it. Massage the walls of the vagina with your fingers before returning to the G-spot.

6) You can also take the clitoris between your thumb and finger, squeezing ever so lightly.. Repeat all of the actions and your lover is bound to have an earth shattering orgasm that they'll never forget. Once your lover has climaxed you can try stimulating the G-spot or carrying on, gently to see if you can give her that all important multiple orgasm!

The Benefits of Genital Massage

So why is vaginal massage different from simply 'flicking the bean" with your hand? Well, it actually has a lot more benefits for both of you as it:

Releases stress

Depends the bond between you

Intensifies the orgasm and increases sensitivity, giving the possibility of multiple orgasms.

Eliminates any pain during intercourse as well as alleviating menstrual cramps and PMS

With all these benefits it's easy to see why this guy who gives it as therapy is so popular!