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How to Initiate Sex with a Man

How to Initiate Sex with a Man

How to Initiate Sex with a Man

By Ekaterina Mironova

Contrary to popular belief there are times when a woman wants sex but the man seems totally oblivious to the fact. Initiating sex for a woman is made even harder as by nature we are subtle creatures and our signs are often overlooked.

There are many ways to initiate sex with a man, depending on your confidence level, from a slow seduction to a direct approach. The main reason women don't try is a fear of rejection yet this is nothing compared to the frustrated feeling you have when you really need a good romp.

Just Do It

If you've been in a relationship a while, you can try the direct approach. You may have spent the last hour watching TV just wondering when he's going to make a move. Now, although it's the man's job to start the seduction, he considers many factors before he makes a play such as:

  • Your Mood
  • Your Energy
  • Your Stress Levels
  • Your Aching/Pain Levels

Along with considering if you'd rather just unwind after a day's work in front of your favourite program.

Any hint that you're tired, have PMT, or still stressed from work and he'll back off as he is scared of rejection too. So if you're waiting, pounce. Just straddle him as he sits, do a little grinding, enjoy a little dry humping and use his penis to your advantage. There's 99.9% chance he'll thank you for it and you'll get what you want.


Any massage will show him what you want. See this is the difference between men and women. When a woman initiates sex, she subconsciously expects to only go so far before the man takes over. Hence giving out signals so he actually makes a move, whereas the man knows he must follow through.

Throw away this tradition, take control. You're horny, you have needs, he has a penis and you want to use it. Seduce him, give him a massage, a simple shoulder massage through clothes, but let your fingers wander so you use enticing strokes too, which will set his pulse racing.

Sleep Naked

Many people in long term relationships rarely sleep naked, especially when it's cold outside. After a while comfort becomes a part of a good relationship, which isn't wrong, in fact it can feel brilliant, but it's not very sexy. Slipping into a fresh pair of pyjamas before cuddling up in bed with a good book is lovely, if you don't need to orgasm. If you do, slip under the covers with nothing on, and let your body do the talking. Leave him with lovely memories the next morning, by resisting the urge to put your PJs back on as soon as sex is over. Who knows you may just get a morning quicky too!