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Whether in a long-distance relationship or you want him to be at your feet, making a guy miss you and crave to be with you is not rocket science. You can be in his head with the right strategies when he's not around. With the following tricks, you can make him miss you.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, according to Knox, D (2002). The reality is that absence only helps you if your partner misses you all the time. You want him craving for you and being preoccupied with you at all times. Although it’s a concrete set of steps, learning to make him miss you isn’t some esoteric art that only initiates can master. Getting a guy to miss you is just the secret ingredient in your love potion. If he thinks about you in your absence, rest assured he is yours. Here are several steps to help increase the chances that he'll be thinking of you when you're away.

Leave on a High Note

Nothing supports a solid, trustworthy, long-term relationship more than leaving on a high note. Perhaps you and your man part ways on the unpleasant or overly serious term. There is a greater chance that the time he spends away from you will be full of questions about whether your relationship is right for him.

Take your leave cheerfully with hugs, kisses, laughter, and promise to reunite soon. I assure you he will miss you from that period onwards. This also applies to sex when you aren't going to be with your man for a particular period. Blowing his mind before he leaves is the perfect way to keep him fantasizing and missing you more when you're not together.

Talking, Texting, Sexting, and Snaps

Thanks to technology, you can easily talk with your man from literally anywhere. Levine (2013) defined sexting as the process by which one shares sexually suggestive pictures and messages through mobile phones or media. Call, text, video chat, and send him those naughty sexy snaps. This is the perfect way to keep things spicy and fun with your man, but most importantly, it will keep him missing you. You can brush up your dirty talk to spice up the conversations even more. Harris, D. (1995) states that dirty talking is one of the most distinguishing features of sex.

Be Good in Bed

This is essential if you're in a long distant relationship. You will need something to get your guy through those long nights when you are not around. Spice up things in the bedroom with new techniques, sex positions, and role play. Every time you two meet up, give him exactly what he wants. Do it lovingly, slowly, teasingly, lingering, sure, but make sure that you hit the right spots that every time he thinks of passion, he thinks of you.

Be Mysterious

Leaving a little mystery is one of the best ways to ensure that he will think of you after you part ways when trying to woo a guy. Men are the ones most known to use this trick when wooing women. Hold back in little ways; make him work for the smiles and laughs from you. Make him earn it, and avoid that classical girlish pitfall of oversharing. 

Be coy and rather not annoying when he asks you questions. Give him simple answers and avoid providing tons of information. If you want him to spend more time with you, a little ambiguity about your story is good. A large part of building sexual tension with a guy is being mysterious. It’s the perfect way to keep him thinking about you and missing you.

Highlight the Fun Parts of Your Life

Don't spend all your time trying to prove that your life is a wonderland, especially on social media. Tell him about the awesome night with your girlfriends or the new restaurant around the corner. Unlike negative issues, fun stories like this prove that you're a great person to be around with. 

Show Interest in Someone Else

This is a very useful tool to make a guy think about you. For some reason, it works best when dating a younger guy. Redirect your attention to someone else. Flirt and display your interest to this other person publicly for others to see. Make sure this other person is someone you can stand; otherwise, your pretense will be obvious. Creating jealousy sometimes has some pretty bad unintended consequences.

Help Him See What Life Could Be Like

If a guy has no idea what life would be like with you, you have a slim chance of him thinking about you. Give him something to miss, especially if you're in the early stages of the relationship. Show him your fun, wild side, streak, and spirit. Let him in on the things you love. Invite him for fun activities like hikes or bowling, and prove to him that even a cup of coffee with you can be the best he's had in weeks. 

Show Him What He's Missing

It is said that a picture is worth a million words. It is rather a great strategy for long distant relationships. Send him snaps and pictures to keep the spark alive even when you’re a thousand miles apart. Make sure to paint a good picture too. Distance tends to make us consider alternatives. Don't add incentive; the background of the video should be clean and orderly; pay attention to your looks too.

Wait Time Before Responding. 

Even if you are in a happy relationship with your man, you can prove your desirability by maintaining a reasonable distance. Don't just laugh at all his jokes or be quick to reply to his stories or fire off to respond to his texts. The fact that you are your person makes him miss you when you aren't around, so don't sacrifice it all in the name of love. However, don't be cold.

Blow Him Off

Playing hard to get is rather a poor choice, especially if the guy is good and deserving to you. If a man treated you unkindly, you could give him a taste of his own medicine. If he calls or texts you, quell your desire to get back to him. Instead, switch off your phone and do something else to distract you from responding to him. You can even watch a movie or go out. By doing so, you leave him wondering where you are, what you are doing, and why you aren't answering him. Exactly, he misses you. 

Leave Him Wanting More

Whether he’s yours or you just met him, be generous with your time and attention, but not overly so. Be slightly hard to get. Assure him that he will get the same treatment the next time, but at this time, the fun is over. Find time for him only when you have to. Don't mess up your schedule. He'll respect and think about you the time you're not around. 

Act Like You Don’t Care

When a guy thinks you care, he is less likely to pursue you. He'll leave you to contact him instead to have higher ground. If the two of you ended things abruptly, and some things went unsaid, he's thinking about it. Don't allow him to explore it. Just show that you don’t care and let him keep wondering whether he should contact you or not while you stay aloof. As he tries to get you out of his head, he thinks about you even more.

Be Awesome 

If you and your man just broke up, look hot and sexy. This is a fine way to keep him thinking about you. This is when you just want him to have a taste of what he lost, or there is a chance of you getting back together. Looking fantastic is the way to go. Work out and wear clothes that bring out your sexy assets, do your hair, and look stunning.


Whether you are trying to woo a guy over or from a recent breakup, getting a guy to miss you isn't that hard. It just needs some work, a little foresight, and a lot of love.Be careful about how you want him to miss you. DoN’T go for extreme measures that can make you lose him. Put the advice into practice and see it work wonders for you.


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