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Have you been wondering how you can spice up your solo play? Ever thought of using different jerking-off techniques? How can you turn your jerking-off session into a fun, alone time? This article explains how you can make jerking off better.

Exercise does the mind and body good. Your body releases endorphins during your workout sessions that can trigger positive sensations. Enjoying a solo play is something else that can make you feel good. Jerking off is a healthy and safe way to turn yourself on, and it relieves stress, improves your sleep, and releases built-up sexual tension. Jerking off has infinite health benefits, and it's a lot of fun. Below are ways you can make jerking off even better, including Setting the mood, switching positions, and trying different strokes.

Set the Mood

Jerking off does not have to be a quickie in the bathroom. You can plan your time alone just like you plan for sex with a partner. You can make jerking off more pleasurable by:

  • Turning down the lights
  • Teasing yourself slowly
  • Playing your favorite erotic video
  • Staying relaxed and present

Switch Positions

Try a different routine while jerking off. Add excitement by switching up positions. Try leaning against the kitchen counter or wall with your hips pushed forward if you usually jerk off while standing. Try sitting on your bed or couch if you always jerk off while lying down. You can enjoy jerking off while on fours. Different positions bring different sensations, leading to more satisfaction.

Take Your Time

Jerking off does not have to go fast unless that is what you are into. Take your time and explore what makes you feel good. During a solo play session, you can experiment with jerking off with speed, positions, strokes, hands, and sex toys, as Dubberley (2021) suggested. Taking time to discover what gets you off could lead to a better orgasm.

Switch Hands

According to Hess & Hough (2012), switching hands, like changing positions, can cause different sensations that could lead to intense ejaculation. You can widen your pleasure zone by using your less dominant hand to masturbate, or if you are feeling frisky, you can sit on your hand until it becomes weak and use it to stimulate the feeling of another person giving you a hand job. You can hold your Penis against your stomach and stroke the underside of your shaft fast with your less dominant hand if you want to have a more adventurous time.

Move Your Hips

It is easy to forget to move your hips while jerking off. It is not like you're playing with a partner. However, thrusting can help increase the intensity and lead to more pleasure, as Levin (2007) stated. Next time when you're jerking off, move your hips in a circular motion or in whichever way feels best to you. Increase the speed as you get closer to finishing. Jerking off doesn't have to be the same every time.

Try Different Strokes

Moving your hand in an up and down motion is a tested jerking-off technique, and it almost always leads to an orgasm. You can experiment with different movements for a more powerful experience. Try using long, twisting strokes from the base to the tip, or you can palm and pull the head of your Penis while jerking off with a full-hand grip. You can also add a little rubbing to the three-finger grip. Play around with different stroking styles to find the more pleasurable one for you.

Don't Focus on the Penis Only

There is more to your private parts than your Penis only. You shouldn't deprive yourself while jerking off if you like it when your partner plays with your testicles and shaft. Your testicles, for instance, have many nerve endings, like your Penis. You can intensify your pleasure by:

  • Pulling down on your balls right before finishing.
  • Massage or play with your taint to create some strong sensations.
  • Don't forget to stroke your shaft.

Explore Other Erogenous Zones

Make a point of exploring your erogenous zones if you want to have a sensational full-body climax, as Nemati & Weitkamp (2020) advised. Play with your erogenous zones such as your neck, nipples, ears, mouth, and lips. Those can shoot sparks of pleasure throughout your body. You can rub, pink, and squeeze erogenous parts of your body to intensify your orgasm during a random jerking-off session. Play with different touches to discover what makes you feel great.

Don't Forget the Prostate

Your prostate, also known as the male G-spot, is your ticket to an intense orgasm. Start slowly by using one finger to rub the outside gently and inside your anal opening, then gradually inserting your finger to massage your prostate. You can increase speed and motion as pleasure begins to build until you're ready to climax. There are sex toys you can play around with if you don't enjoy using your finger. Never be afraid to experiment.

Try Edging

Considering the start and stop method in your next jerking-off session to prolong your solo session. Edging draws out the pleasure to enable you to have a longer and more explosive experience. Try out edging by stroking your Penis until the edge of ejaculation, and stop completely. Slowly start jerking off again, increasing speed until you're ready to climax, and then pull back again. You are allowed to do it as many times as you like.

Add a Sex Toy

Several toys can add loads of fun to your jerking-off session. The most common sex toys include automatic strokers, fleshlights, prostate stimulators, and anal beads.

There is More than Video Porn

People love sexy videos, but that's not the only type of erotic content. Consider reading or listening to erotica and watching porn. It is entertaining, and it allows you to explore your fantasies safely.


Jerking off is a healthy, natural way to explore your desires and fantasies. There are many health benefits of jerking off: You feel less stress, sleep better at night, get a sexual release, and boost your mood. You have the right to enjoy one-on-one time with your body as often as you would like. If you're new to jerking off, that's okay. Remember that there's no right or wrong way to jerk off, so take your time exploring your body and everything that turns you on. Experiment with toys and styles. Do what you can to feel comfortable and enjoy yourself.


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