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Is It Ok To Vape After Sex?

Is It Ok To Vape After Sex?

We all have seen those typical Hollywood movie couples smoking cigarettes after having sex in the bedroom.

A cliché or not, it has become the go-to method for many regular smokers to enhance their pleasure after sex. Cigarette companies have also linked traditional cigarettes with love-making sessions in the advertisements.

Now that e-cigs and vape mods have replaced the conventional cigarettes, you might be wondering whether you would get the same pleasure using these vape devices. So, is it ok to vape after sex?

Smoking after sex is satisfactory for most smokers. Whether it’s a placebo effect or a habit we have adopted from previous generation smokers, we seem most of the smokers practice it. It can act like a leftover piece of your favorite dish that you have been craving in the morning. You know that it’s not healthy to have it for breakfast but you just can’t resist the temptation.

But what makes us light up our cigarettes right after having a love-making session with our partner? Can we experience the same heightening pleasure by switching to vape?

Why Do We Smoke After Sex?

To understand this, a survey was carried out on the virtual polling platform Winq among users who smoke.

In the study, it was found that about 80% of people who smoke regularly felt an intense desire to smoke cigarettes after having sex. On the other hand, about 60% of those participants reported that it was the best time to smoke.

Similarly, we can also take reference from a survey conducted by Phillip Morris USA where about 400,000 regular smokers were interviewed. More than 50% of smokers told that they smoke cigarettes right after having sex.

This deeply rooted habit that not only persisted in the current generation but it has somehow evolved. Today, many people have replaced conventional cigarettes with modern-day vape pens and vape pods.

When men reach sexual climax, it is followed by ejaculation – which puts them in a refractory period. During this period they cannot get an erection, as the body needs to get recovered from the energy utilized during intercourse.

When you take a deep puff right after ejaculation, it would cause your blood vessels to become constricted. This means that as soon as you get an insulin rush in your bloodstreams your heart rate increases. This will make you feel a light buzz in head that can intensify your sexual pleasure.

This means that you would be aroused more quickly to have sex again when you smoke after intercourse. The change in your blood pressure would decrease the timespan of the refractory period. Similarly, a dose of nicotine can also induce instant relaxation that would help you focus on your thoughts.

Can Traditional Cigarettes Be Replaced With E-Cigs?

Needless to say, thousands of ex-smokers are embracing e-cigs as their go-to devices to satisfy their nicotine need.

Many studies have shown that vaping is healthier in many ways compared to conventional cigarettes. With the increased awareness among regular smokers, many people are getting on board. You get to re-fill the nicotine in your bloodstream without putting your life in danger.

Vape mods and pens contain a considerable amount of nicotine, without all the toxic elements that are found in traditional cigarettes. With the increased efficiency, these devices can also provide you similar nicotine punches with fewer drags.

Those massive vape clouds also don’t give off an unpleasant odor that is typically linked with cigarette smoke. You also get to gain access to a plethora of flavorsome e-juices that can create a pleasant atmosphere.

So, these white vapor clouds can spice things up for languishing lovers.

Most vape manufacturers also claim that smoking vape devices would not have any major effect on your sex life. People who regularly smoke tobacco cigarettes have high chances of experiencing inhibited sexual arousal – regardless of their gender. Even men in their 20’s are at the risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction if they smoke cigarettes. Reportedly, vape devices are about 90% less dangerous than their traditional counterparts.

Is Vaping After Sex a Thing?

Many people consider post-coital cigarette craving as a myth and a placebo effect.

Whether it is a fact or fiction, most people report that it makes them happy when they vape after sex. Plus, they also don’t become victims of chronically bad breath once they switch to vaping.

This means that even if you’re a heavy vaper, you wouldn’t have to worry about comprising your oral health. Those fruity e-liquids not only are flavorful but they also add fragrance to your breath. You would also be at a lower risk of suffering from gum diseases and tooth decay.

So, it is not just a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes but it can also make your sex life adventurous. It would add a new charm to the dimension when you are experiencing those intimate moments with your partner. Your partner would no longer compare about bad breath that he or she felt whenever you smoked a cigarette.

You can keep on enjoying your vape hobby without having any negative effects on your sex life.

What’s Your Take?

As much as it feels good to have some deep puffs of vape right after sex, it can quickly turn into an addiction.

As long as your partner is comfortable with all the vapors and smoke, then you can use it in your bedroom. This habit can offer you some special moments of relaxation. It would also help you keep the blood pumping faster again when you have already exerted energy during sex.

You can make a considerable difference in your love life by switching to vape now. You would also be surprised to find out that vaping is cheaper than traditional cigarettes in the long run.


Smoking vape in the bedroom has the potential to become the cliché of the future.

While vaping after sex seems sophisticated and glamorous, it’s also not as addictive as the conventional cigs. This means that you would not be rushing to turn on your vape mod right after love-making.

Furthermore, you no more have to worry about dealing with an annoyed partner who complains about smelling like an ashtray. With fruity e-juice flavors, your room would become fragrant after you blow vape smokes.

If you need a further push in the favor of vape devices instead of the traditional cigarettes, it turns out that vape users would not experience any major negative sex-life implications.

In other words, if you ever get those nicotine cravings right after having sex, you should opt for vape. Whether you are a chain-smoker or a novice in the field, it is best to switch to vape now. Happy vaping!