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Is Vaping After Sex a Thing?

Is Vaping After Sex a Thing?

We have all seen those movie scenes when a couple lights up a cigarette after a roll in the hay. But what is it that makes us crave nicotine right after sex?

In this article, we are going to talk about: is vaping after sex a thing? While it may sound like a cliché to you to puff out clouds after making love, it is a quite common practice. In 1988, Phillip Morris conducted a survey in which around 400,000 smokers were interviewed. More than half of the respondents shared that they had a habit of smoking after having sex.

Now that many years have passed since that survey, this practice has not just stuck around but it has evolved. Many ex-smokers are now seen smoking vaping devices after a roll in the hay. This not only helps them reduce the odds of developing health issues but it can even help them increase stamina and regain strength.

Whether it is a conventional tobacco cigarette or a contemporary vape mod, users of these smoking devices claim that this habit curves the edge of pleasure and helps them get the most of the experience. Some even say that it gives them a moment of contemplation regarding what just happened. Others say that it is like having that leftover pizza slice from the other night that you never expected to enjoy the next day.

Now that we are aware that it gives people pleasure to smoke after sex, can it be replaced with a safer method? Can people enjoy a similar experience by shifting to less invasive vape pens and mods?

Why Do We Smoke After Sex?

The social polling platform Winq found out that about 80% of habitual smokers crave nicotine after sex. This helps us understand the intense desire in the body of a smoker for a cigarette after a love-making session.

There are numerous reasons why people feel gravitated towards lighting a cigarette after sex, some of the reasons are:

  1. It is a natural phenomenon for a man to enter into a refractory period after having an orgasm, which puts them in a state of rest and mental release. During this period, it is physiologically impossible for the man to have an orgasm or proper erection, which makes them uninterested in sex. When we smoke after sex, it enhances the relaxation period for us.
  2. When nicotine enters our body, it constricts the blood vessels, which increases the overall heartbeat rate. When we smoke after sex, it gives us a buzz in the head. Not just that, but it also reduces the duration of the recovery period, which allows us to regain our strength quickly.
  3. Smoking is not just a complimentary pleasure concerning sex but it also helps smokers have a better focus. It helps them revisit their recent thoughts regarding making love to their partner.
  4. Finally, some people smoke after sex because their body is simply demanding a dose of nicotine in the bloodstream. So, they are feeding their addiction to smoking when one of their basic physical need gets fulfilled.

How Does Smoking Cigarettes Affect Sexual Health?

Regular smokers are susceptible to contracting several diseases, some of which can even be fatal in the long run. Various studies show that smoking a conventional tobacco cigarette can deteriorate a person’s sexual health and overall performance in bed.

There is substantial evidence that shows that smoking cigarettes damage blood vessels in the body, which can disrupt the healthy circulation of the body to different parts and organs. This is the reason smokers are also likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, and it can even affect young individuals who are in their 20’s. Once the body’s natural arterial blood supply is disrupted this makes it difficult for men to have firm erections. Smokers are also more likely to have low libido and stamina.

In women, smoking cigarettes can trigger a loss of eggs, which can reduce their chances of fertilizing an egg during pregnancy. It also harms the monthly menstrual cycle of women. Women who are regular smokers might also lose interest in sex at some point in their life because it triggers vaginal dryness and decreases sexual arousal.

Vaping vs. Cigarettes

There is no denying the fact that smoking regular tobacco cigarettes is hazardous to our body, as it functions by combusting tobacco. On the other hand, modern vaping devices come with nicotine-free options that produce smoke by heating concoctions of vegetable oils and glycerin.

Vaping isn’t completely safe but it is undoubtedly less harmful than smoking cigarettes because it involves the combustion of fewer toxins and fewer chemicals. So, all those people who are trying to quit smoking should give vaping a go, as it can help them get rid of this addiction gradually.

Smoking cigarettes come with a host of health problems such as a reduction in sperm count, poor immune system, respiratory disorders, and mouth cancer. Vaping is fairly a new device and it still needs to be researched thoroughly. So far, it has been observed that vaping is much safer than its traditional counterpart. You get to get the same sensory pleasures without putting your health at serious risk.

Can E-Cigarettes Replace Traditional Cigarettes?

Undoubtedly, many ex-smokers are stepping on the bandwagon of owning vape mods, as it helps them satiate their nicotine thirst without putting their bodies at risk.

Besides being less harmful than conventional cigarettes, vaping also gives you the liberty of choosing flavors of your choice, which includes banana, mint, gummi bear, and lime drop. Now you are not just restricted to using the same old tobacco flavor, as you can keep on exciting your taste buds with new e-liquid blends.

Vaping is also a cheaper alternative to smoking, as you are not required to purchase new cigarette packs every day. You also get to experience buzz quicker while using vape devices, as they deliver higher nicotine content in a single draw. This means that you would reach that level of satisfaction and relaxation much quickly while puffing on a vape mod.

Replacing tobacco cigarettes with vape devices can also help you spice things up with your partner, as you would not end up smelling like an ashtray after a vaping session. You can always try out new exotic e-juice blends to make things more interesting in the bedroom. With all the above points into consideration, it is quite evident why people are shifting to vape devices from traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping and Sex: How Vaping Can Enhance Your Sex Life?

Various surveys show that people who switched from cigarettes to vape devices experienced noticeable improvements in their sexual health and libido. As vaping contains only a fraction of chemicals found in cigarettes, it might be a healthier option for ex-smokers.

  1. More Stamina

Smoking cigarettes results in the reduction of the amount of oxygen in our blood, which affects the blood flow towards the genitals that is necessary for the proper function of related organs and tissues. When we ditch cigarettes by switching to vape, we give our body the opportunity of regaining strength and stamina. This means that you would be able to increase the timespan of ejaculation.

  1. Better Sensory Signals

We receive signal information through our senses, such as hearing, smelling, and tasting. Unfortunately, it is very common for regular smokers to have a poor sense of smell and taste. People who smoke daily are six times more likely to suffer from degradation of smell and taste compared to people who don’t smoke. If you are facing difficulty detecting fragrances and enjoying savory flavors in food, then now might be the right time to switch to vaping.

  1. More Energy

It is more common for smokers to get tired easily, as their arteries’ ability to dilate is decreased with the constant intake of hazardous chemicals. By shifting to vape, you would start noticing an increase in your energy levels throughout the day and you would be able to maintain a positive mood and state of mind.



Whether you are a chain-smoker or someone who has just started smoking cigarettes, shifting to vape would be a better idea. We hope we were able to address your concerns regarding the question: is vaping after sex a thing?

Ditching your smoking habit not only would be able to improve your physical health but it can also improve your sex life. With exotic e-liquid flavors, you can add adventure to your private life with your partner and make things more exciting.

Also, vaping is not as addictive as traditional tobacco cigarettes, which helps people during the cigarette cessation period. You would gradually be able to take full control of your smoking habit once you decide to shift to this safer smoking alternative.

If you need a little more push in the direction of vaping devices, you would be relieved to know that it would not have any major negative effect on your sexual health and stamina in the long run. You can cater to your post-coital smoking cravings by using a vaping device.