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You have probably heard about lidocaine spray if you have an interest in men's sexual wellness products. Lidocaine spray is one of the most sought anesthetics, thanks largely to its effectiveness when called on duty. If you are a new user, this blog will introduce you to lidocaine delay spray, how to use it, and the best choices in the market. 

Porst & Burri (2017) stated that premature ejaculation is a common issue in bedrooms around the world. It is a serious condition that consumes bedroom happiness, increasing the chances of relationship breakups. Luckily, humans are inventing ways to combat this condition each day. Ever heard of lidocaine spray? According to Dell’Atti, Galosi & Ippolito (2017), lidocaine spray helps with premature ejaculation. Lidocaine spray adds 3-5 minutes to your normal performance, ensuring you and your partner experience fulfilling sexual experiences. Normally, people with premature ejaculation get off after seconds or minutes after deep exploration. Some also climax during foreplay, meaning the chances of sex happening are low. This would be a frustrating experience, especially if your partner were fully turned in for some good time. The bad news is that your sex life can take a hit if you ignore premature ejaculation. To be safer, you may want to try various strategies, including lidocaine spray.

What is Lidocaine Spray in the First Place?

Mark & Kerner (2016) defined lidocaine spray as a men's delay spray. It is a spray that helps men or penis-having people last longer in bed. Lidocaine spray harbors lidocaine, an anesthetic that provides pain relief and sexual endurance. Lidocaine can also be consumed in the form of cream and injection. Although the anesthetic comes to your doorstep in various forms, the functionality of its products is identical. Lidocaine spray sits on the same table with durable condoms and lubes. The two are super thick, encouraging longer sex.

How Lidocaine Spray Works

Lidocaine desensitizes the penis, delaying ejaculation. The anesthetic is also used after dental surgeries. Why is it attracting the interest and attention of the medical sector? Due to the excruciating pain after the dental surgery, when the spray is applied to the gums, it elbows out the pain. The same numbness effect made the aesthetic gain popularity in sex scenes. Lidocaine is loved because it does not overly numb your love tool, reducing your sexual enjoyment.

How to Use the Spray

Whip out your lidocaine spray 10-15 minutes before engaging in penetrative sex. Spray it to the underside of your penis and shaft, and then rub it in a circular motion. Applying lidocaine spray minutes before penetrative sex allows your penis to fully absorb the anesthetic (Lidocaine) used in its construction. A well-absorbed lidocaine spray takes 5-15 minutes to work. This slightly bigger gap is caused by people's different body chemistry. Because of the different times, the effects of lidocaine spray take to kick in, applying it and engaging in foreplay or sex instantly is never a great idea.

What To Do After Applying Lidocaine Spray

Experts recommend wiping your love tool with a wet towel or showering before engaging the foreplay or sexual activity. You want to hit the bedroom with a clean love tool. For this reason, wiping it with a wet towel or showering ensures you get rid of the spray unabsorbed by your penis. It is also advisable to wipe or clean your hands after applying lidocaine spray. Odds are, some spray will remain on your hands after your preparation for the sexual activity. When left on your hands for a long time, the spray can cause numbness, which is not a good thing.

What Should You Do Before integrating Lidocaine Spray with Your Sex Life?

It is best to consult a healthcare provider before integrating lidocaine spray into your sex life. Your medical history will help you know whether or not the product is safe for you. Lidocaine is one of the most-tested anesthetics. It works for masses, but If you are allergic to the anesthetic, the healthcare provider will advise you to use other forms of ED treatment.

What are the Side Effects of Lidocaine Spray?

Lidocaine spray is a good deal when used in the right doses. An excessive amount of the spray is more likely to cause;

  • Excessive numbness on your love tool.
  • Skin irritation.
  • Loss of sensitivity from excessive numbness of your love tool. This affects your ability to get or maintain an erection, reducing your sexual enjoyment.

Lidocaine Spray or Lidocaine Cream?

The straight answer is it depends on your preferences. Both lidocaine spray and lidocaine cream are great products. However, the former takes at least 30 minutes to work while the latter takes 10-15 minutes. For this reason, if you want something that saves you time, you may want to consider lidocaine spray. Lidocaine cream also requires your hands for a successful application, which can be messy.

Can Use Lidocaine Spray with a Pregnant or Breastfeeding Woman?

You may want to consult with your healthcare provider before using lidocaine spray if your partner is breastfeeding or pregnant. Lidocaine is approved by the FDA, but consulting your healthcare provider will help you know if it is safe to whip out its spray when having sex with your pregnant or breastfeeding partner.

Can You Use Lidocaine Spray with Viagra?

Studies showed that you could use lidocaine spray and Viagra simultaneously. However, it is important to note combining the two can have more powerful effects. Think about erections that last for hours.

Do Lidocaine Spray and Oral Sex Sit on The Same Table?

Lidocaine spray and oral sex can sit on the same table if your partner does not have a lidocaine allergy. That's not enough; you should wait for 15 minutes after using the spray and wipe the penis before engaging in oral sex. This prevents accidental ingestion of the spray, which can harm your partner's health.

The Bottom Line

Lidocaine spray can be the next big thing in your bedroom, especially when battling premature ejaculation. The spray tucks the hugely popular anesthetic Lidocaine under its belt, allowing you to enjoy sex. This anesthetic numbs the most sensitive zones of your penis, head, and shaft. As a result, you can thrust into your partner for an extra 3-4 minutes. Lidocaine is massively used in the production of creams and injections. With the three different lidocaine products on the market, you can choose what best works for you.


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